Nokia today announces a new agreement with Google Cloud with a view to building a 5G network infrastructure. The partnership brings together two giants from the technological world and will allow business customers to have access to services such as smart retail or automated production, according to Reuters.

The same news agency points out that this is not an unprecedented move and that other technologies such as Microsoft and Amazon are also joining companies in the area of ​​telecommunications to develop new generation infrastructures, in anticipation of the new business opportunities that will arise with the 5G.

In this case, Nokia’s knowledge of 5G is on the side of Nokia. Google Cloud, in turn, will serve as a platform for launching applications based on precisely this new technology. Amol Phadke, managing director of Google Cloud, tells Reuters that the first results of the collaboration agreement will be visible later this year.

Regarding the availability of new services to companies, everything will depend on the telecommunications operators and the launch of 5G in the various markets.

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