With over 20 years of experience, Canadian producer Next Level Games has been acquired by Nintendo. The studio was already a very close partner to the Japanese giant, which in recent years produced titles exclusively for its consoles.

At the communication, Nintendo reveals the acquisition of 100% of the studio’s shares, which essentially belonged to the company’s executives and employees. The values ​​of the deal that should be concluded by the end of March were not disclosed.

Next Level Games is known for several spin-off games from Nintendo universes, the most popular of which is the Luigi’s Mansion series, which launched the third chapter for Switch last year. Also the football series, with elements of action, Mario Strikers is your responsibility, in this case still on Wii, platform that saw the remake of Punch-Out !! through the studio.

Nintendo says that once the acquisition is complete, the studio will receive the resources from the parent company, including development experience, in addition to increasing production capacity and speed. In addition, the quality assurance of future projects, through closer communication with the Nintendo development team.

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