Between Christmas and the end of the year, the week served many to regain strength to start 2021 with renewed energy, dealing with the uncertainty that still exists due to the pandemic of COVID-19 but with the added hope of starting the vaccination. At SAPO TEK we took the opportunity to take stock of 2020 and draw prospects for 2021, but we did not fail to gather the usual weekly applications to suggest to those looking for new apps to install.

These are mostly games but there is also a crowdsourcing application to help research drugs to fight the new coronavirus and an app to help manage mental health.

See the apps that the SAPO TEK team has put together and choose the ones you are interested in installing.

DreamLab app helped research drugs and “hyper foods” that help fight COVID-19

In just 6 months, Imperial College London was able to complete the first phase of its research project with the help of the users of this crowdsourcing application.

The app was developed by the Vodafone Foundation and was launched early in the pandemic crisis. And the users’ adherence was important to make the project a reality, and to help the investigation of medicines and “hyper foods” that help fight COVID-19.

The first phase, which lasted 6 months, was faster due to the use of the processing power of smartphones when they were not being used, such as charging or during the night, helping to identify molecules with antiviral properties in foods common to based on plants and medicines that can help fight Covid-19, as explained by the Vodafone Foundation, which was one of the partners of the initiative. Using Artificial Intelligence, 100 million mathematical calculations were performed.

The project is called Corona-AI and started in April, having identified in these months molecules with antiviral properties in common plant-based foods, such as wild berries (in particular currants, cranberries and blueberries), apples, oranges, lemons , cabbages, broccoli, onions, garlic, parsley and beans. “This investigation also made it possible to verify that common medications, used to combat cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, such as simvastatin, artovastatin and metformin, could be” redirected “to fight Covid-19,” says a statement.

“While there is, rightly, a strong emphasis on finding a vaccine for Covid-19, we are looking for ways to potentially help people who contract the virus by reducing both the duration and severity of the disease. For patients who may not need hospitalization hospital, there is a critical need for innovative and cost-effective treatment outside health facilities. We hope that precision nutrition strategies can offer a new solution in this regard, ”says Dr. Kirill Veselkov, responsible for the Corona-AI project at the Surgery Department and Cancer from Imperial College London.

The findings will be analyzed, in more depth, in the following phases of this project by scientists, who say that clinical validation is necessary in order to assess what impact these molecules can effectively have. When all phases of this research project are completed – December 2021 is estimated to be the project’s completion date – the results will be made available to the entire medical community in order to facilitate clinical trials. The findings made at the food level could be used for dietary advice for patients recovering from Covid-19.

The DreamLab app has been downloaded by almost one million smartphone users in 17 countries, including Portugal, and users have the option to use the processing power of their smartphone to support or the Drugs research project (Phase 4), which explores potential links between specific drugs and food molecules with the Cancer genome networks, or the Corona-AI research project (Phase 1).

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Tiny Robots Recharged: Always keep robots energized to advance the adventure

This smartphone proposal offers us more than 40 levels full of puzzles to solve, in a challenging and fun adventure.

The goal of Tiny Robots Recharged, as the name suggests, is to obtain energy to charge the batteries of the small robots. Only then will they be able to advance through the scenarios. But the task is much more complicated than you would expect and it takes more than plugging a cable into the outlet. In this game you will have to find ways, often creative, to overcome obstacles to find sources of energy for the character.

In addition to batteries, you have to solve the puzzles to open doors and overcome obstacles to drive the robot. And for that you will find keys, tools, diskettes and other items that you should use in the right place. The interesting thing is that the levels are of a single screen, three-dimensional, with a tiny size, but they are intricate and interactive, in which everything can be manipulated to solve the puzzles.

Is there a bird that won’t let you interact with a circuit? Find out how to bring a machine to life to capture and lock it in a cage. Need to force a door? Certainly there is a hidden crowbar to find. And all of these puzzles, with the succession of using objects, makes sense, so after scratching your head about what to do, there is the “eureka” moment when you discover the object.

Tiny Robots Recharged can be accessed free of charge to iOS and Android.

Do you want to look after your mental health? There is an app that promises to be present in good times and bad

Buddio was developed in collaboration with psychology experts and can help you to better manage your emotions. The app wants to accompany you step by step, suggesting activities that fit your goals and that may give a new meaning to your life.

Entering the new year is not always easy, particularly for those suffering from anxiety or depression. With the pandemic still present, uncertainty about the future is great, leading to an increasing “accumulation” of thoughts and stress that have a significantly negative impact on quality of life.

Taking care of mental health is a priority and Buddio, an application developed in collaboration with psychology experts, can help. It is true that the app is not a “miracle solution” for all problems, but it presents itself as a virtual friend who promises to be present at all times, allowing you to manage your emotions in a better way.

According to the creators, the application principles are based on Behavioral Activation Therapy (or behavioral activation therapy, in Portuguese). The goal is to guide the user so that he can find and plan activities that are more positive for his mental health, taking “a daily step towards happiness”.

Buddio wants to accompany you step by step, suggesting activities that fit your goals and that can give a new meaning to your life. After finding the practices you want to dedicate yourself to, the app helps you to include them in your daily routine.

After completing the activities, Buddio asks you to describe how you felt and to take a few moments to reflect. There is also a dedicated section where you can follow all the progress made over time. The application is free and, for now, it is only available for iOS, through the App Store, although an Android version is in the creators’ plans.

There is a free iOS application that can only be used once. Have you met her?

It is called 1 Chance and, as its name implies, it is what can be called a “shot and fall” game. What matters is that this free app is actually a set of mini-games.

Developed by Taiwo Omisore, 1 Chance promises to offer an experience different from that usually presented by other applications of its kind.

Here there are 14 mini-games in which you will have to “give it all” if you want to “look good” in the world ranking, that is, you do not have the opportunity to play again to improve your performance

Its creators promise 14 minigames that will test skills such as speed, intelligence and dexterity. Among them are tests such as clicking the number of times on the screen in a given period of time, as well as some anagrams, among other proposals.

The 1 Chance application is currently only available for iOS devices. After the download you must choose a username and your country, so that the results achieved will be included in the ranking.

You already know that when you start playing, you will not be able to stop until the end.

In this game he owns an abandoned garden. Solve puzzles and find out how you can restore it

In an adventure full of twists and turns, the goal is to give life to a garden that has all the potential to become anyone’s dream.

To restore a garden in real life you may have to get your hands dirty a little bit, but not at Gardenscapes. With the help of butler Austin and solving puzzles decorating the space and investigating hidden secrets has never been easier.

In this game he is the owner of an abandoned garden, but it has a lot of potential. To restore it, you need to overcome several challenges, namely puzzles where you have to group the same pieces.

Whenever you solve challenges and pass levels, you receive stars, essential to be able to decorate the garden as you prefer. But you can also earn coins that you can use to buy reinforcements, like bombs or more opportunities to play the puzzle.

In addition to Austin you can also meet more characters and even a four-legged company. Get ready for a game full of twists.

Gardenscapes is free and available for iOS and Android.

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