The most relevant news, decisions and legislation continue to be highlighted in the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) website which was renewed and where the responsibilities of the organization can be consulted but also the information that concerns the citizen and companies, within the scope of the legal framework in force.

For citizens, their rights are detailed, such as the right to access data, guaranteed in the GDPR, and the possibility of making a request for information or a complaint. Organizations also have guidelines and recommendations, and useful information, such as the application of fees.

The decisions already taken by the CNPD, and the opinions, also have a dedicated area and where you can find all the history since the commission’s performance. A survey can be done by year, type of decision or entity involved

CNPD started its operation on January 7, 1994, within the framework of Law 10/91, of April 29, which then regulated the protection of computerized personal data and was the first Portuguese data protection law. Meanwhile, data protection has been recognized as a fundamental right in the European Union, and CNPD is now under a recently renewed legal framework to safeguard citizens’ rights, freedoms and guarantees, in particular in the defense of privacy.

cnpd site “data-title =” cnpd site – New website of the National Data Protection Commission simplifies access to information – SAPO Tek “> cnpd website

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