Despite the many cases recorded in the UK, the start of vaccination has brought new hope. The UK was indeed the first country to come up with the vaccine, but it now has a new and serious problem.

According to the UK health authorities, a mutation in COVID-19 has been identified in the country that tends to spread faster, which increases the speed of contagion. Christmas in the UK has already been canceled.

COVID-19: New virus mutation is putting the world on alert

COVID-19 Strain VUI-202012/01 is under investigation

When the world already had some hope for the COVID-19 solution, there was bad news. In the United Kingdom a new mutation of the virus has been detected. Government medical adviser Chris Witty said a thorough investigation was underway to see if this new mutation was more deadly. Witty also confirms that the World Health Organization has already been informed of this new strain (VUI-202012/01).

This new mutation, which is stronger in terms of spread (77% stronger than the original), is responsible for the appearance of several outbreaks in the south of the country. According to TSF, the discovery of this mutation was revealed by the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock earlier in the week, when at the time there were cases reported in 60 cities.

COVID-19: New virus mutation is putting the world on alert

This Saturday, Boris Johnson, announced more restrictions in the face of the increase in cases. The British Prime Minister asked the population to stay at home and the United Kingdom returns to general confinement. The new restrictions come into force at 12:00 am on Sunday.

This Saturday, the UK recorded more than 27,000 new cases of COVID-19 infection. 534 deaths were also recorded, following the trend of rapid daily increase in cases that has been recorded.

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