As we were taught, the universe is composed of several elements. Among them, the supposed black matter, which interacts with ordinary matter through gravity and has no radiation.

However, a new study suggests that this dark matter called by astrophysicists, in reality, does not exist.

Dark matter

Is dark matter a mirage?

The theory that dominates the opinions of scientists is that about three quarters of all the material in the universe is made up of dark matter. This is nothing more than a substance, still unknown, that interacts with ordinary matter through gravity.

However, according to a new study by an international team of scientists, this dark matter does not exist after all. This is because, they understand, humanity has a very limited scientific knowledge about the gravitational behavior of galaxies.

Therefore, the supposed black matter does not cause this behavior, as previously thought. As scientists explain, humanity simply does not (yet) truly understand the natural laws by which matter is governed.

Reinforcing this unprecedented idea, despite knowing of its existence, scientists have not yet found effective proof of its existence.

Dark matter

Counteracting great astrophysicists years and years later

In the recent study, the team of scientists points out that the modified Newtonian dynamics theory (MOND), initially established in the 1980s, could explain the existence of a strange gravitational behavior of the stars. This that had been associated and explained as being dark matter.

So, this theory replaces Newtonian dynamics and General Relativity as defended by Albert Einstein. On the contrary, it argues that the gravitational force of a star must be calculated in different ways.

What we are really saying is that there is absolute evidence of a discrepancy. What is seen is not what is perceived, if all that is known is Newton and Einstein.

Said Stacy McGaugh, head of the astronomy department at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, and co-author of the study.

So, there are several theories that claim to explain this matter, but none, in the opinion of scientists, is widely correct.

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