Installing Windows 10 is a simple process, if you surround yourself with the right tools. Just have a pen with the Microsoft operating system ready and everything goes smoothly and smoothly.

Of course, solutions are always pointed out to create this USB stick, preparing it beforehand or using another machine. But what if we do not have access to these aids? This is where Android can help a lot with a simple app.

Windows 10 Android install Microsoft USB

We have often explained how to create a Windows 10 pen using many tools. Microsoft itself offers a proven solution. Solutions abound, but always rely on a computer. To help when we don’t have it, we’ll turn to Android.

Yes, Android helps install Windows 10

To start this process, we only need 3 elements: an Android smartphone, with OTG support, a pen with 8GB of space and a cable to connect these two elements. Internet access and the app ISO 2 USB they are also fundamental.

Start by accessing the Windows 10 download page provided by Microsoft and choose the version you want to install. This ISO file needs the Android smartphone to have at least 5 GB of free space to be saved. It is temporary and will be eliminated at the end of the process.

Simple to put Microsoft's ISO on a USB stick

Now that the ISO is saved, something that may take some time, it's time to call the ISO 2 USB app. Also connect the USB stick to Android and authorize access to it via the app. Then just indicate which USB stick to use and the location of the downloaded ISO file.

They continue the process by pressing the Start button, and then wait for it to be finished. You can follow the process with the 2 indicators present in the app. In the end, just remove the USB stick and delete the downloaded file for Android.

End this adventure with the most obvious of steps. Simply connect the pen to the computer, boot from that device and follow the instructions you already know. After a short time, Windows 10 will be installed. It is in this simple way, using Android that they get the Microsoft operating system back.

This process can also be performed with any other version of Windows or a Linux distribution, changing only the ISO file to another suitable one.

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