PlayWay SA recently revealed the development of, NecroCity, a ‘SimCity’ quite different from the one we are used to.

Come and visit the city of NecroCity.

City Building titles have always been one of the most popular strategy game niches. Over the years, there have been many examples of this genre that have fascinated and stolen hours, days and years of life from those who play them. SimCity, Tropico or Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile are some examples.

These are strategy games that lead players to build the best possible cities and manage them so that they become successful, through several factors. Comfort for residents, job offer for residents, beauty, environmental concerns, transportation systems, industry,…

NecroCity, under development in a cooperation between Gameparic (part of PlayWay SA) is precisely one of these types of games but ... with a theme quite different from the one we are used to.

The game features the traditional mechanics of managing a city, both economic, social and military, but of a city of monsters. Yes, you read that right, NecroCity is a City Building of a metropolis of Ghosts, Werewolves, Dead and other different beings.

We incarnate the Mayor of NecroCity and as such we have to manage the city and protect it from outside threats. To do this, we will have to create roads, buildings, productive infrastructure and fortifications. In NecroCity, the enemy is not the monsters, but the humans who want by all means to eliminate this city of monsters. It is up to us to defend the city as best we can.

For your mission to be successful, the player will have access to various categories of monsters and other beings that, with their unique abilities, will make an important contribution to the success of NecroCity. We will have at our disposal, Orcs, Werewolves, Ghouls, Ghosts, Skeletons ...

The resource collection system will be somewhat similar to that used in games of the genre. In turn, the expansion of our city is done using the “theft” of land to the human kingdoms that border ours and this leads to… conflicts.

However, for the city to function well and to grow and evolve, the satisfaction of its inhabitants is one of the fundamental points of the game. One of the curiosities of the game is how to meet these needs, taking into account the beings so different that coexist in NecroCity.

NecroCity will be released next year for PC.

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