More and more technology is treading the Universe, in order to discover where we can find a planet “made to measure. Thus, in a new foray into the immensity of Space, a new old planet was discovered by NASA’s TESS. This super land, which is about 50% larger than our planet, was observed near one of the oldest stars in the Milky Way.

According to a study now published, the star, called TOI-561b, requires about 12 hours to orbit its star. In one of these passages, the planet blocked a fraction of the starlight and was detected by the Terrans.

Super Earth image discovered by NASA

Super Earth is 50% hotter than Earth

NASA discovered a planet that is about 10 billion years old and that is unlike any other in deep space. This discovery, published in Astronomical Journal, mentions some peculiarities of the planet. For example, its short orbit is due to its proximity to its star. As a result, estimated average surface temperature of TOI-561b will be above 1,726 ° C. Therefore, this planet is too hot to host life as we know it.

Although the planet is approximately three times the mass of the Earth, the team calculated that its density is equal to that of our planet.

This is surprising because the density is expected to be higher. This is consistent with the notion that the planet is extremely old.

Stephen Kane, co-author of the study, said in a statement.

NASA TESS observatory image

NASA discovered an ancestral planet

As Kane explained, the older a planet is, the less dense it is, as there were not so many heavy elements available when it was formed. This is because certain substances are produced by fusion reactions in stars as they age. Eventually, when they explode, the stars end up dispersing these elements from which the new stars and planets will form.

The TOI-561 belongs to a rare star population called the galactic thick disk, which are chemically distinct, with less traces of heavy elements (and especially less iron) than the typical stars in the Milky Way, suggesting that they formed approximately 10 billion years ago.

The rocky planet orbiting the star TOI-561 is one of the oldest rocky planets ever discovered. Its existence shows that the universe has formed rocky planets almost since its inception, 14 billion years ago.

Lauren Weiss, the study's leader, said in a statement.

The star TOI-561 - which has at least two other planets in its orbit - is part of a group of stars known as "thick galactic disk". As the researchers explain, these are chemically different, but do not have heavy elements, such as iron or magnesium.

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