In a galaxy as big as the one we live in and with a huge space mostly unknown, we would be naive if we believed that we are the only living beings to be present. Thus, there are astronomers who investigate (and are even looking for) elements that can confirm these alien civilizations.

Thus, a group of astronomers detected an “intriguing signal” in the direction of Proxima Centauri, the star system neighboring Earth.

Parkes telescope in Australia.

“Intriguing signal” detected in our neighbor Proxima Centauri

According to information provided by The Guardian, astronomers are still preparing the entire report on this detection. However, the signal is reportedly a narrow beam of 980 MHz radio waves.

The “intriguing signal” was detected in April last year, by Parkes telescope in Australia. In fact, it appeared once and was no longer detected. According to the Scientific American, this frequency is important, because it is typically lacking in man-made satellites.

Regarding the telescope that detected the “intriguing signal”, this is part of the project Breakthrough Listen, which aims to hunt for radio signals from technological sources beyond the solar system. So, this technology detects unusual radio signals all the time, from several different sources.

Radio signal detected at Proxima Centauri

However, this one in particular is an “intriguing sign”, as it appears to have come directly from the Proxima Centauri system, 4.2 light years from Earth. In addition, and even more mysterious, is the fact that the signal appears to have shifted slightly while it was being watched. This is very similar to the displacement caused by the movement of a planet.

It is the first serious candidate for alien communication, since the 'Wow' signal, a famous radio signal detected in 1977.

Revealed an anonymous source to The Guardian.

Signal Wow!

Wow! detected in 1977.

Search for alien radio signals

A challenge that is inherent in the search for alien communications is that no one really knows how these civilizations communicate. Furthermore, no one knows all of the potential natural sources of radio waves in the universe. That is why it is so desirable to associate unknown signals with extraterrestrials.

However, it is possible that, when the concrete information about this “intriguing signal” goes public, it is inconclusive.

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