The Municipal Library of Proença-a-Nova created a new service so that users can maintain the habit of reading the written press, providing online consultation of national and foreign titles, was announced today.

In a statement sent to the Lusa agency, the Municipal Library of Proença-a-Nova, in the district of Castelo Branco, explains that this new service comes after the end of the public consultation of newspapers and magazines at its headquarters and centers, “as one of the consequences of the current public health crisis caused by COVID-19, taking into account the risk associated with the possible transmission of the virus “.

With this service, “we guarantee all the security conditions to our readers and we also extend the possibility of consulting thousands of national and international titles that until today were not available”, says the vice-president of the Proença-a-Nova Chamber, João Manso.

In order to allow users of these spaces to maintain the habit of reading the written press, the Municipal Library of Proença-a-Nova offers this new service that allows consultation of national and international newspapers and magazines.

For this purpose, the user has to fulfill two criteria: The first is to have a library user card, and the second, to have a computer (‘tablet’ or smartphone) with an Internet connection, to be able to access the platform that provides the consultation of publications.

Cited in the document, João Manso says that, “at a time when proximity and contact were restricted to the maximum for public health reasons, libraries had to reorganize and reinvent their main functions and activities in order to continue to provide a service public to your customers, readers and friends “.

Those interested in this service can register on the platform in person, at the Municipal Library of Proença-a-Nova, at the Bibliomóvel – Biblioteca Itinerante and at the centers of Sobreira Formosa, Montes da Senhora and Atalaias, or request it through the email library @ cm Once the registration is complete, a code is created that will allow the user to access the service whenever he wants.

“In addition to the daily newspapers, it is possible to consult thematic publications, from gastronomy to art, from music to sport, from trips to design, among many others published in Portugal or in any other part of the world”, says the note.

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