Year in, year out… and the problems of online games, in relation to cheaters, hackers and the like, continue in the same way. Yes! This is one of the evils that seem not to want to abandon certain games.

In that case, I would like to draw your attention to a report released by the Garena, which shows the number of accounts banned from the great Free Fire only in the month of December. The number is scary… shall we check?

Free Fire Bans

free fire

This week, Garena decided to reveal some data related to the measures taken to guarantee fair play in Free Fire. The report provided a good amount of information, but it drew attention for confirming that, in the last days of December, more than 1.2 million players were banned.

According to the information, all accounts were banned due to the use of cheats during gambling. Infractions were monitored between December 13 and 26 and, at the end of the analysis, the decision was made.

With these 1.2 million bans, the game reached a total of 2.2 million players banned in December. After all, at the beginning of that month, Garena had already announced the punishment for more than 1 million accounts, for the same reasons.

It is worth mentioning that this number includes players from all corners of the world, who were caught using programs created by third parties, to generate a good series of “in-game” advantages.

Regarding the punishment, Garena stated: “This kind of dishonest attitude has no place in our beloved Free Fire. Cheating accounts are permanently suspended. In other words, there is no way to regain access to the account once it has been suspended for cheating ”.

Although these actions are surprising by the numbers, what is most surprising is the fact that they will not solve the problem and, most likely, we will still have millions of accounts being banned from the excellent Free Fire. Meanwhile, honest players continue to suffer, unfortunately. To the next…

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