Tesla has always had a special concern for the safety of its electric cars. These are designed and produced to the highest standards to ensure that users are protected and safe.

After many had the highest score in the field of security, it was the turn of the Model Y to be tested. Once again, this standard has been achieved and Tesla’s latest model has achieved a maximum score in crash tests.

Tesla Model Y Safety Top Rated Cars

Security is essential at Tesla

Tesla electric cars have been tested by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) for several years. This American entity evaluates the protection that these vehicles offer to drivers and passengers.

All previous models were tested and managed to get a maximum score, with 5 points out of 5 possible. Both the Model S, the Model X or the Model 3 previously had high scores in the tests they performed, revealing the care that Tesla places on this point.

Model Y was the last to get top marks

The most recent vehicle to be tested was the Model Y and it certainly was not expected that the brand would loosen up in the safety field. This one maintained the standard from Tesla and returned to a maximum score in the NHTSA tests, which proved to be quite demanding.

In addition to having a maximum score in total, Model Y also had the same values ​​in the different categories. In each one in which it was evaluated, the Tesla electric car managed to pass with distinction and get 5 points out of 5 possible again.

Evaluation of cars with driver

It should be noted that these tests performed are only approved for cars driven by humans and in specific situations. They are not used to assess autonomous driving situations, in which the Autopilot is active and controlling the car.

For now, the tests are only measured for the American market. NHTSA corrected its tests and assessments a few years ago, correcting an abnormal situation. In this, the Model S managed to have an impossible score (5.4 out of 5 maximum points).

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