Long before Apple revealed its SoC M1, Microsoft and its partners had already presented their proposals in this area and even a special version of Windows 10. This looks like the future and the bet was on.

If at first the software giant seemed to bet on its hardware partners, this scenario could change soon. The latest information shows that Microsoft will also be preparing its SoC ARM for its equipment.

Microsoft SoC ARM Surface architecture

More SoC ARM on the way to market

The success that Apple's SoC M1 has shown showed that Microsoft made a sure bet when it started to approach ARM architecture. This is present in areas that many do not see on a daily basis, already with relevant success and with proven evidence.

Although in a timid way, Microsoft already has an affordable proposal, which materializes in Surface X. Of course, this opened the door to other manufacturers who also already have their proposals based on SoC ARM. The companion is the already talked about ARM version of Windows 10.

Microsoft SoC ARM Surface architecture

Microsoft bet proves to be right

An recent information came to reveal that soon much more will move to the side of Microsoft. Internal sources, who declined to be identified, said that Microsoft will be preparing its proposal and will soon have a SoC ARM of its own.

As would be expected, this already has a destination, which will be almost obvious to everyone. It will be the proposal that will equip the Surface that will be launched, offering a machine created from scratch with the brand's components. It is not known whether it will abandon Intel and AMD's proposals altogether.

Microsoft SoC ARM Surface architecture

Not only will Surface be the new feature

Another use that this SoC will have is in Microsoft data centers. ARM architecture is increasingly used here and achieves above average performance. In this way the servers that equip the Azure structure will embrace this novelty from the Software giant.

If this information materializes, Microsoft will soon enter an area that will soon take a leap. Many more manufacturers will adopt these proposals and create machines that take SoC ARM to its full potential. Operating systems and software already exist, so the whole process is simplified.

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