To protect our accounts and, consequently, our data, the most traditional and used method is through a password. And practically all users in the world use a password to bar third parties from accessing their accounts.

However, this form of protection has fallen out of favor, as other more sophisticated and stronger methods are created. Thus, in a recent statement, Microsoft said that it wants users to stop using passwords as of 2021.

Despite being fast and more conventional ways to protect our information, passwords are increasingly being replaced by other, more modern, strong and secure methods.

Every so often we bring news and information about theft and exposure of passwords, which therefore compromise our digital security. In addition, many users, also due to some ignorance, facilitate and choose unsafe words to bar access to their important data.

Recently, even the still current President of the United States, Donald Trump, did not escape and saw his password posted on the Internet: “maga2020“. Interestingly, in terms of its construction, the word was not very strong or safe, nothing to be expected from the President of the United States.

According recent data, 80% of computer attacks are directed at passwords, which in turn are generally weak. And these attacks cost the global economy $ 2.9 million (~ 2.37 million euros) with each passing minute.

Microsoft wants to end passwords in 2021

Like other technology companies, the giant Microsoft also wants to end the use of passwords soon. In this way, the company has enthusiastically promoted alternative technologies and authentication methods.

But for the next year, Microsoft intends to “making password-free access a reality for all our customers in 2021“In order to make alternative authentication methods more accessible to everyone.

on one communication shared on the official website, Alex Simons, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Identify program, said that:

Passwords are cumbersome to use and present security risks for users and organizations of various sizes, with an average of one in 250 business accounts being compromised every month. According to Gartner, 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets.

In the publication, an image is shown with the achievements achieved in 2020 in order to end passwords.

In addition, the executive added that:

Our team has been working hard this year to join partners and make passwords a thing of the past. Along with the new UX and APIs to manage FIDO2 security keys, allowing customers to develop customized solutions and tools, we intend to launch a registration portal in 2021, where all users manage their credentials without a password, through the My Apps portal.

You can read the statement in full, on here.

Will passwords be counted?

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