Over the years Microsoft has been trying to improve the Windows 10 interface, to make it better and simpler to use. In this way, users are able to get more out of this system and avoid complicating its use.

Of course you have tried to create new solutions and new interfaces to increase usability, without sacrificing anything. The latest experience has now emerged and focuses on the voice to control the actions of Windows 10. Is this the future of the most used system on the desktop?

Windows 10 search Microsoft interfaces experience

Microsoft experience on your system

It is not strange that Microsoft tests the features it offers in the Windows 10 interface. This is how the software giant improves the options it presents to users, testing it in the Insiders program.

With Cortana slowly disappearing, the company continues to test advanced controls that do not require greater interaction. These works now seem to be taking shape, with a novelty that is already being tried, although only in some markets.

Windows 10 search Microsoft interfaces experience

Windows 10 search with big news

This appears to be integrated into the keyboard that Microsoft has developed and that is used on touch screens. Whenever a Windows 10 search field is called, a new option is shown, allowing text to be dictated to fill this field.

This area is adapted to any screen and to any interface, being modular. It allows automatic punctuation to be used and that with a simple click activates the microphone for the text to be used in Windows 10 search.

Windows 10 search Microsoft interfaces experience

Interface will be changed for the better

While offering this interface, Microsoft asks users for help, to feed its database and thus make it more complete. If the user agrees, the dictated texts can be stored and used to make their speech detection and conversion to text engine more intelligent.

This is yet another change that will completely reshape Windows 10 if it becomes a standard in the future. Microsoft innovates and frees users again in scenarios where it is difficult or impossible to use a keyboard.

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