Microsoft needs no introduction and remains one of the largest and most important technology companies in the world. The Redmond brand is not affected by the years and remains with an innovative spirit, always ready to bring the best to its customers.

In this sense, Microsoft recently announced that the Microsoft Teams and OneDrive platforms will allow you to send files with 250 GB through Microsoft 365. And this update will take effect at the end of this month.

Microsoft Teams and OneDrive gain support for 250 GB files

Microsoft announced this week an increase in the maximum file upload capacity on OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. So far this limit was 100 GB per upload, but now the company has extended that capacity to 250 GB. The goal is then to innovate and enable users to be more productive through Microsoft 365.

In this way, users can easily share large files. Some examples are 3D models of a building, video recorded in 8K, various data, projects, professional photographs, and much more.

This update is not just for businesses and schools. This feature can also be used when using OnePlus for personal purposes. So, you can upload that huge amount of family photos you have stored on a pen.

The increase in the limit to 250 GB was made possible by optimizing the storage required for uploading. That is, each file is divided into parts and each part is encrypted by a unique key.

All files are backed up to Azure storage, which guarantees high availability and performance. In short, the user can easily upload and download their large files whenever and wherever they need.

In addition, there is no need to worry about synchronizing large files. Through differential synchronization, only changes made by the user and employees are synchronized. This reduces the time it takes to synchronize, which improves performance and reduces network usage.

Support for uploading 250 GB files will be launched in late January. The resource will be available globally until the end of this quarter.

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