Being based on Chromium, Edge has inherited all the features that are being created for this browser. These are mostly adapted to Microsoft services, thus ensuring even greater integration with the systems where it runs.

It is therefore logical a novelty that is about to arrive at Edge very soon. It is being completed, but it will guarantee a much higher security to the Microsoft browser, especially with regard to user data and their passwords.

Edge Microsoft browser passwords data

Even more security coming to the Edge

With the arrival of the synchronization of passwords, these also started to be hosted on Microsoft servers, opening up a range of possibilities. The most logical ones are associated with your safety and looking for leaks where they may be being made available.

So, Edge will have version 88, expected within days, this ability. Users will be able to evaluate their passwords and thus discover which ones need to be changed, as they are public and accessible to anyone.

Edge Microsoft browser passwords data

Evaluated passwords and security breach alerts

This option will be divided into two areas, where one allows the user to activate their evaluation by Microsoft. This will be in the general password settings, referred to as an alert for password leakage.

Once activated, it will give access to a new area, where the user can assess the status of his data. It will be possible to do a manual scan that will present the information directly to the user, so that he can act immediately, to protect himself.

Edge Microsoft browser passwords data

Microsoft browser will protect data

Of course, this will also be an automatic process and users will be alerted in case of problems. This will only be a situation in the future and if there is a leak that reveals the user's passwords.

This will not be the only news that Microsoft will bring to the Edge. This browser will be improved in other security areas and will also allow the possibility of using vertical tabs. Microsoft shows again that it is betting on this browser and making it a strong proposition in the market.

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