A few days ago, the Epic Games Store gave players the incredible Metro 2033 Redux. Now, it seems that GOG is ready to offer everyone the continuation of this beautiful adventure. Yeah! Metro: Last Light Redux is the new gift from the CDProjekt.

As usually happens with games that are offered free of charge by the store, there is a deadline for redemption, that is, if you want to add this game to your account, it’s good to start running… let’s go to the details of this story?

Metro: Last Light Redux for free

Metro: Last Light Redux for free

It was yesterday, December 30, that GOG decided to start a time counter for a “48 hour offer”. Logically, what drew attention this time was the quality of the title offered.

Yes! Metro: Last Light Redux is the “game of the season” at the aforementioned store and deserves to be redeemed, since it presents a level of quality as good as that of its predecessor and continues an engaging story full of great surprises.

Anyway, in order to redeem the game, all you have to do is log in to your GOG account, go to the store’s main page and locate the banner with the offer. Then, just click on the button that says “Yes, and claim the game”. Minutes later, the game will now be available in your account.

Most likely, this will be the last free game offer from GOG this year 2020. So, we can say that the store “ended work” in style. And yes, now we just have to hope that another offer comes up, offering Metro Exodus, to help us complete the trilogy (without paying anything). To the next…

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