Earlier this December, I called attention (via The Game Times) to the traditional Indie of the Year Awards. As the name of this award suggests, it is an event in which the indie world is celebrated and the best games in the segment are chosen by the public and the publishers.

Well, the voting was open for most of the month and now, after more than 33,000 votes, the winners have finally been revealed. By the vote of the editors, there were no big surprises, but, by the votes of the players, the big winner was what we would call an “underdog”… shall we check the results?

The results of the 11th Indie of the Year Awards

In case you don’t know, the Indie of the Year Awards is held on the website Indie DB, which is the largest indie gaming community in the world. For this reason, the awards usually give us a summary of the year and a sample of the potential of the work of independent developers.

In the case of this year 2020, anyone who is a fan of indie games had no reason to complain. After all, some incredible indies were launched and managed to “hit the head” with AAA titles from renowned developers. Therefore, I invite you to check the lists with the winners of each of the awards…

Players Choice

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Digital Cybercherries)

In the Players Choice award, we had an open vote, in which all players were able to participate and select their favorite games. The choice was made freely and the final result, in a way, was quite surprising. Take a look at the Top 10…

  • 10th – ScourgeBringer (Flying Oak Games)
  • 9th – Nanotale – Typing Chronicles (Fishing Cactus)
  • 8th – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Media Tonic)
  • 7th – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (TaleWorlds Entertainment)
  • 6th – ExoTanks (Digital Universe)
  • 5th – Among Us (Innersloth)
  • 4th – Hades (Supergiant Games)
  • 3rd – She Will Punish Them (L2 Games)
  • 2nd – Hydroneer (Foulball Hangover)
  • 1º – HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Digital Cybercherries)

As you can see, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed took away big hits this year, like Hades, Among Us and Fall Guys and ended up being voted the best indie of 2020 by the players. The game has a very curious premise and it surprises me that the title is not so well known.

Editor Choice

Backbone (EggNut)

In the case of the votes of the editors, who are all members of the specialized media, the voting takes place in a slightly different way and we verify the existence of a good series of categories. In this case, the decisions were a little more logical, but we still had some surprises. Check out…

  • Best Single Player Game: Hades (Supergiant Games)
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Holdfast: Nations At War (Anvil Game Studios)
  • Most Creative Game: The Pedestrian (Skookum-Arts)
  • Best Art Direction: Necrobarista (Route 59)
  • Best Community: Among Us (Innersloth)
  • Best VR Game: Into the Radius (CM Games)
  • Best Co-op Game (Online or Local): HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed (Digital Cybercherries)
  • Best Gameplay: Disc Room (Terri, Dose, Kitty, JW)
  • Best Narrative: Coffee Talk (Toge Productions)
  • Most Awaited Game: Backbone (EggNut)

Although this list also includes some titles that did not “reach the masses”, we also have acclaimed names, as is the case with Hades and Among Us. options were very well analyzed.

Best Upcoming

Sons of Valhalla

To close the list of awards at the Indie of the Year Awards, we have a selection with the titles that are being most awaited by the community. That is, the relationship helps us to identify some games that need to be monitored with greater attention. Here is the list:

  • 10th – Resistance and Liberation (Talos Interactive)
  • 9th – This Thing Of Ours (Skull Cracker Entertainment)
  • 8th – Chama (ST Studios)
  • 7th – Cold Shell (Brutal_Muse)
  • 6th – Timberborn (Mechanistry sp. Z oo)
  • 5th – Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter (Iron Wolf Studio SA)
  • 4th – Setting Sun (deadhorse12)
  • 3rd – Gamedec (Anshar Studios)
  • 2nd – Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery (Kiary Games)
  • 1st – Sons of Valhalla (pixelchest_games)

Without a doubt, Sons of Valhalla, the game that won the most awaited prize, deserved the honor, due to the constructions that refer to legendary games, such as Terraria and Kingdom Two Crowns. Still, the other names on the list also deserve your attention.

And that was the Indie of the Year Awards 2020

With these lists, we were able to get a clear sense of all the treasures that were delivered by indie developers throughout 2020. Better yet, we had the chance to meet promising projects that may come up against AAA games next year.

Anyway, if you like indie games, I suggest you take a good look at each game, from each of the lists presented. In this way, you will be able to “feel in your skin” the great level of creativity of the devs and the affection they have invested in their productions. To the next…

Greetings! I’m Yohan Bravo, I’m 29 years old and I’m a Ghostwriter by choice. I write about what I love: games, anime and a number of other things. Occasionally, I write about my daydreams and create lyrics of songs never sung.

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