Technologies can bring evolution to people’s lives, but they can also bring problems. If MageSafe on iPhone 12 can be a help when it comes to charging, it can also bring problems to those who have a heart rate regulating device in their heart. According to a medical study, the new Apple iPhone with MagSafe may disable a pacemaker.

When Cupertino’s company revived MagSafe on the iPhone 12 line, a question arose about the action of strong magnets with medical devices. At the time, Apple said there was no problem. So, is there or not?

Image iPhone 12 Pro Max with Magsafe

iPhone 12 stops a pacemaker

Apple's official word was that the iPhone 12 / MagSafe would not interfere more than previous iPhones. Now one of the first medical studies showing a pacemaker to be disabled by the iPhone 12 has been published.

Apple never said that iPhones or the iPhone 12 line is not at risk of interfering with medical devices such as pacemakers (implantable cardioverter defibrillators or ICDs). However, the Californian company officially says that the iPhone 12 and MagSafe "should not pose a greater risk of magnetic interference in medical devices than previous iPhone models" in one support document:

Interference with medical devices: The iPhone contains magnets, as well as components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields. These electromagnetic fields and magnets can cause interference in medical devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

Although all iPhone 12 models contain more magnets than previous models, this does not necessarily mean that they pose a greater risk of interference with medical devices.

Now, one of the first medical studies was published by Heart Rhythm Journal who saw a Medtronic pacemaker disabled when an iPhone 12 was placed next to the device.

There does not seem to be any concrete evidence that the iPhone 12 and MagSafe present a greater risk of increased interference. However, now with this study, we will be able to see more tests in the medical field to be sure.

Pacemaker image disabled by IPhone 12

Image of a pacemaker disabled by an iPhone 12 | Image MacMagazine

Any device that contains magnets emits electromagnetic fields

These new technologies, which use magnets, can bring about this type of problems. As they are in countless devices, it is important for those using them to understand their degree of danger. Smartphones and smartwatches, as well as other gadgets, should be kept away from pacemakers. Apple even suggests that:

Consult your doctor and the manufacturer of the medical device for specific information about the medical device and whether you need to observe a safe distance between the medical device and the iPhone. There are different types of medical devices and the respective manufacturers often provide recommendations on the safe use of them with magnetic or wireless products in order to avoid possible interference. If you suspect that iPhone is causing interference with the medical device, stop using iPhone.

Therefore, despite the study pointing to the iPhone 12 in particular, due to the power of the magnets placed on the back of the smartphone, this seems to be a scenario of caution for all devices.

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