After a somewhat lengthy development process, Visiontrick Media recently revealed the soon arrival of MARE, a title on the way to the Oculus Quest.

Come to know this adventure title a little better.

It was with the following statement that Visiontrick Media, made up of 3 professionals who alternate between Sweden and Japan, revealed the arrival of MARE to Oculus Quest soon:

After several years of working on this project, we are delighted to announce that MARE will finally see the light of day when it is released exclusively for Oculus Quest on January 7, 2021. MARE will be able to be played in full on both Oculus Quest 1 as in Oculus Quest 2, including support for 90Hz from Oculus Quest 2. Later, MARE will also reach Oculus Rift"

The game begins when the player wakes up from a strange and prolonged sleep, finding himself in a strange land and in the skin of a mysterious artificial bird.

Along the way you will come across a girl who is also trapped in this strange land. Venturing more and more into the heart of this place, the player gets to know more and more the history of this land.

As the player evolves in the story, he realizes a strong and intricate narrative, full of secrets and mysteries. The mission becomes to accompany the girl to her destination, looking after her well-being and solving numerous obstacles and challenges along the way.

The girl is controlled only by the AI ​​of the game and her curiosity will lead the player to explore this strange land more and more and over 8 chapters, discover a very interesting narrative and story.

It is also known that there are several artifacts hidden by the places where we pass and that will help us to discover an ultimate mystery of this land of dreams ... or nightmares.

MARE will be released on January 7 for Oculus Quest and the release date for Oculus Rift will be announced later.

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