Portugal recorded fewer malware attacks in December. The data from the WatchGuard Threat Lab account for a total of 17,943 malware attacks, corresponding to 579 attacks per day and 24 per hour. In November, daily values ​​were close to 900.

Malware attacks in Portugal in December 2020 “data-title =” Malware attacks in Portugal in December 2020 – Malware attacks continue to decline in Portugal. In December there were 579 per day – SAPO Tek “> Malware attacks in Portugal in December 2020

The new data represents a decrease in cybercriminal activity in Portugal, since in November there were 26,4040 malware attacks, corresponding to 880 per day. The information for December also reveals that 46% of the malware detected was zero day, while the remaining 54% concerned known malware.

The number of attempts at network attacks in December has also declined. While in November this figure was 8,029, in December that number rose to 4,162.

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WatchGuard’s Threat Lab division integrates researchers with a mission to discover and study the latest malware threats and attacks on the internet. Uses anonymous data extracted from the Firebox Feed, through a set of active WatchGuard UTM devices.

It should be recalled that in late November, WatchGuard Technologies completed the purchase process for Panda Security. The merger of the companies now allows WatchGuard to have a face-to-face team in Portugal and new endpoint solutions.

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