Wireless is the gift. Wires are increasingly being left aside and replaced by technologies that do not require them. Most smartphone manufacturers have already prepared their devices for charging without the need for a wire connection. Having devices capable of charging others is not new, but it could reach the Apple ecosystem very soon.

A new approved patent reveals that Apple wants its MacBook computers to charge devices with the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple has been investing in wireless charging for its devices for some years now and this year brought the new iPhone 12 smartphones the MagSafe that takes a step forward in this segment.

Now, two new registered patents reveal the company’s intention to charge its computers to charge other Apple devices through reverse charging. That is, the devices use the battery of others to charge.

This is a technology more than known in the universe of smartphones, especially Samsung and Huawei, which have been offering it for some time.

Charging iPhone on MacBook

In the registered patents you can now see the MacBook charging devices on the cover or next to the trackpad. The cover has 9 charging points and three in the trackpad area, as shown in the images below.

To illustrate, the drawings show an iPhone, an Apple Watch and an iPad, but the technology will certainly be compatible with any Apple device that needs charging and has wireless charging technology.

The patent description reads:

Despite having standardized connectors and cables, each device may require a separate or dedicated power source to charge. In some cases, having a power source for each device can be difficult to use, store or transport

In addition to the MacBook, the iPad can also offer this possibility. In another image, we see what the iPad represents with three charging points for devices.

The aluminum used as the primary building material for Apple computers could be an obstacle to the implementation of such charging technology, however, we have seen that nothing is impossible in this universe of technologies. It remains to wait for the next releases.

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