It is true that the Play Store and the App Store are full of free applications, but Google and Apple’s digital stores also have certain “tassels” for a limited period.

To start 2021 experimenting with new applications on your smartphone or tablet, SAPO TEK has compiled some of the best proposals from both stores. Most of the applications we suggest have a free period of 6 to 5 days, although others may have a slightly more limited time. Every second counts and the best thing is to enjoy it as soon as possible.

Discover the “tassels” of the Play Store

Astronomy Events – Original price 2.39 euros

Designed for fans of celestial observation who want to keep their astronomical agenda up to date, Astronomy Events presents an updated list of everything that will happen in the skies in the coming days, allowing you to generate alerts for the most interesting events: from the phases and eclipses of the moon at the sight of certain planets, stars or even comets:

Also featured is a section that brings together astronomical news from around the world. There is also the possibility to follow the forecasts of major events, as well as to make a “trip” through time and consult observations from previous months.

Tunable: Music Practice Tools – Original price – 4.49 euros

Whether you are a “virtuoso” who is always looking to improve his skills or someone who is still taking his first steps in the world of music, Tunable offers a set of useful musical tools.

In the application you can find, for example, “tuners” so that you don’t lose your tone or even a metronome to ensure that you stay at the right pace. It is also possible to record what you are playing or singing and then share your performances with the world through SoundCloud, or with friends or colleagues via email or via Dropbox.

Animal Camp – Healing Resort – Original price -1.09 euros

Moving on to the gaming world, Animal Camp – Healing Resort is a title that makes a kind of mix between the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the well-known Farmville or the multiple simulators for managing hotels or establishments.

In it, the player is taken to an island inhabited entirely by adorable animals, where he will have to collect materials to create his own home. From there, you can dedicate yourself to the calm life of the countryside, planting different crops, or fishing.

But that is not all. Life on a paradise island also calls for rest and you can create a relaxing resort for the inhabitants, managing the establishment and ensuring that customers feel satisfied through various upgrades.

Sword Knights: Idle RPG – Original price – 0.99 euros

In the premium version of the RPG developed by Honeydew Games, you will have to travel through multiple dungeons at the same time and fight monsters, discovering their weaknesses and choosing the best sword to annihilate them.

In all, there are more than 200 swords to collect, each with special abilities and powers, including legendary equipment. In the game you will also have to build your own village, raising the capacities of its inhabitants and choosing by hand the heroes who will dedicate themselves to the battles against the creatures that live in the dungeons.

Atonement – Dungeon of the Seven Deadly Sins – Original price – 2.19 euros

In Atonement – Dungeon of the Seven Deadly Sins, we are taken to a strange and mysterious forest inhabited by souls who look back on their past lives, including all the sins they have committed. The player takes on the role of a protagonist chained by seven different chains, each representing one of the seven deadly sins.

The battle against sins takes place through card games, allowing to recover the 35 memories stolen by death and discovering the details that marked the earthly life of souls. To help with the process, there are special items and even angels.

Video Live Wallpaper – Original price – 0.79 euros.

Fed up with boring wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet? Through this application you can turn your favorite videos into creative virtual “wallpapers”.

With a simple and intuitive interface, just select the desired video and watch it afterwards to give more “life” to the smartphone. Although it does not offer options for editing the videos, the application promises not to be a battery “sink”, keeping in mind the optimization of the equipment’s resources.

Discover the “tassels” of the App Store

mySolar – Build your Planets – Original price – $ 0.99

In mySolar – Build your Planets, you can build a planetary system, navigating the universe to collect points that will allow you to increase your power. Each of the planets you find in the game has specific characteristics and you will have to put them into battles of epic proportions.

mySolar – Build your Planets “data-title =” mySolar – Build your Planets – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> mySolar - Build your Planets

Nature: Sounds around the world – Original price – $ 2.99

Thinking of those who want to start the new year in a more relaxing way, Nature: Sounds around the world allows access to an extensive collection of sounds of Nature recorded around the world.

Nature: Sounds around the world “data-title =” Nature: Sounds around the world – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> Nature: Sounds around the world

In it you can hear, for example, the song of birds in the Amazon forest, the waves of the Baltic Sea or the sound of rain, and there are also options for those who prefer more city soundscapes.

DrawRun – Original price – $ 0.99

The arrival of the new year means for many an opportunity to start implementing new activities. Is running on your list of resolutions for 2021? In DrawRun you find a useful ally. The application allows you to help you plan your running routes, counting the kilometers traveled, all in a simple way.

DrawRun “data-title =” DrawRun – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> DrawRun

Qwerty – Typing Races – Original Price – $ 1.99

In a world where touch screens “reign”, learning to write on the keyboard of your smartphone or tablet is not always easy. At Qwerty – Typing Races, kids and adults can have fun while learning.

Qwerty – Typing Races “data-title =” Qwerty – Typing Races – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> Qwerty - Typing Races

In the application it is possible to choose several game modes designed to put your skills to the test. After each round of five words you will see your results and, if you wish, you can share us on social networks and take the opportunity to challenge your friends or family.

Castle Legend 3: City of Eternity – Original price – $ 0.99

In Castle Legend 3: City of Eternity, there is a mysterious alien force that wants to dominate the planet and it is up to you to stop it. In the RPG with an extensive history set in a distant kingdom, you will go through dungeons full of specific monsters and bosses, but also some curious Easter eggs. You can choose from three different classes (warrior, wizard or priest), discovering their varied combinations of skills and powers and combining them with the equipment that is available.

Castle Legend 3: City of Eternity “data-title =” Castle Legend 3: City of Eternity – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> Castle Legend 3: City of Eternity

BGH – Bear’s Good Habits – Original price – $ 0.99.

Do you have difficulty encouraging young people to have good habits? Bear’s Good Habits promises to help you. In the application, which has a simple design and inspired by hand-made illustrations, as daily goals are met, you get a different virtual sticker. In order not to lose motivation, there is also a small bear, called Tom, who will accompany you every step of the way.

BGH – Bear’s Good Habits “data-title =” BGH – Bear’s Good Habits – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> BGH - Bear's Good Habits

TomoNow 2 – Original price – $ 1.99

Given the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to focus on certain activities, but through TomoNow 2 it is possible to organize your mind and keep up with all the tasks you have to do. In addition to serving as a timer that follows the Pomodoro productivity method, the application has a to-do list, and there is also the possibility to check all the progress that has been made over time.

TomoNow 2 “data-title =” TomoNow 2 – Looking for new apps? Don’t miss the “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> TomoNow 2

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