At the end of this year, the Epic Games Store decided to repeat last year’s dose and started a promotion in which 15 games will be given to players, for free. So far, we have had some very interesting gifts and, it seems, there are more good things on the way.

Incidentally, a recent leak tried to spoil Epic’s surprise and revealed which will be the next games that will be free until December 31. Obviously, the information is not official, but the first four titles were delivered as the document indicated … shall we understand this story?

The 15 free games from the Epic Games Store

Tropico 5

Tropico 5

If you have been following the updates that the Game Times team has released on this subject, you should already know that, so far, Epic Games has released the following games in its store: Cities Skyline, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty , The Long Dark and Defense Grid: The Awakening.

And those four titles were listed, in the same order, on the recently leaked list. To be honest, I was in possession of this list since the second day of the promotion, but I decided to wait and see if the offers “matched”. Now, we are reaching the fifth day and we can already say that the list has been on the right track.

Therefore, if you have been wondering about the games that will be given by Epic until the end of the year, it is good to observe the list presented below, as some major titles are among the options. Check out:

  • 12/17 – Cities Skyline
  • 12/18 – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
  • 12/19 – The Long Dark
  • 12/20 – Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • 12/21 – Alien: Isolation
  • 12/22 – Metro 2033 Redux
  • 12/23 – Tropico 5
  • 12/24 – INSIDE
  • 12/25 – Darkest Dungeon
  • 12/26 – My Time At Portia
  • 12/27 – Night in the Woods
  • 12/28 – Stranded Deep
  • 12/29 – Solitairica
  • 12/30 – Torchlight 2
  • 12/31 – Jurassic World Evolution

It is worth mentioning, once again, that this list is not official. Therefore, it may be that these are not the surprises or Epic decides to change the order to “lose track”. Still, the first four games were correct, which makes the information more reliable. To the next…

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