In its CES 2021 Live is On presentation, LG kept thinking about the changes that people have had to make over the past year, whether it be working, studying or even shopping at home. When saying “pretend you’re at home”, LG took this maxim to the letter when offering its products to people who have been in isolation.

In this sense, LG revealed the line of PuriCare purifiers, based on filters and controlled fans, according to the requirements of healthcare organizations. The brand also has in its catalog a portable PuriCare system, between a mask with filters and a portable purifier that can be carried in the pocket or in the car. Its purifier system has also been added to other appliances, from vacuum cleaners to dishwashers, with the projection of disinfectant vapors that purify the air.

When it comes to home appliances, LG’s new two-door refrigerator has a transparent window so you can peek inside without having to open the door. Just knock twice on the door and the “smoked” window will be transparent. It also has an ice production system in several formats. It also introduced a purifier in its water tank, eliminating bacteria through ultraviolet rays. In washing machines, artificial intelligence detects the type of clothes in your tombola and sets the washing temperatures and speeds, for example. Once again, the steam system removes up to 95% of the elements that make clothes allergic during washing.

The company’s home appliances are controlled through an application that offers users the status of equipment, maintenance and other warnings that can be useful to prolong their life. Basically, it is a personalized customer support system. Home appliances are in constant communication with the app, detecting, for example, situations in which a washing machine is not aligned on the floor and thus making undesirable noises.

New television proposals for the living room

Pointing to the living rooms, LG says that television consumption is growing and that after the pandemic there was an increase of 21% in adults and 30% in the younger generation in front of the screens. Therefore, the brand intends to introduce new technologies in its OLED line in 2021, in this case its new LG OLED EVO panel, with screens of 55, 65 and 77 inches.

It is equipped with the A9 Gen 4 8K artificial intelligence processor. Uses artificial intelligence and deep learning in the upscalling of images, to improve low-resolution content. The chip is able to detect the background objects of the scenes and process them individually for better image renders. By detecting content, such as landscapes and lighting, they serve as a beacon for general image optimization.

The chip also has the ability to improve the sound, projecting it into the surround system. In addition, it levels the audio when changing channels, so that the volume differences are consistent.

The remote has direct access to the virtual assistant, and you can even use it to share content between smartphones and television, via NFC, what the brand calls the Magic Tap, that is, touching the remote control on your mobile phone. Your OLED TVs are supported by NVidia’s G-Sync technology, allowing you to play up to 8K at 60 FPS. For video games, there are special controls for setting filters and image smoothness.

The brand new top of the range are QNED TVs supported by miniLED. The brand claims that QNED TVs are capable of displaying images with realistic colors, while the LED panel, with almost 30,000 Mini-LEDs, allows for better contrast. The screens also have a 120 Hz refresh rate for even more fluid moving images. Its catalog has a total of 10 models with 4K and 8K resolution and dimensions of 85, 90, 95 and 99 inches.

During its presentation, LG even had time to present its virtual influencer, designed by the manufacturer. Named Reah Keem, the influencer was tasked with showing off the new LG Gram notebooks. The computer features a thinner frame for a larger screen area, has 99% color of the DCI-P3 standard and a resolution of 2560×1600. Other highlighted features include the redesign of its hinge, the introduction of fingerprints on the power button. Inside are Intel’s 11th generation processors and batteries up to 80 Wh. The notebook has models of 14, 16 and 17 inches.

Virtually all of the brand’s products are linked to the LG ThinQ artificial intelligence system, which can be controlled via the smartphone. It currently has an open platform dedicated to a collaborative ecosystem between its partners, to make products more accessible and useful to its customers. Partners like Nestlé, offer barcodes on their products that can be read by the AI ​​and prepare them automatically in their ovens, for example.

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