Smartwatches are very attractive technological pieces for those who practice physical activity and want to monitor their training to assess progress. Also ideal for parents who depend heavily on smartphone communications, since they can receive all notifications from the smartphone and can still be used for quick responses. With a larger screen than usual, LEMFO presented a watch with games in mind.

Learn more about LEMFO LEMT 4G.

LEMFO LEMT 4G - a smartwatch dedicated to gaming

LEMFO LEMT 4G - a smartwatch dedicated to gaming

If the majority of users of a smartwatch see in the monitoring of physical activities the highest quality of these devices, there are others that value the fact that it is an extension of the smartphone. We do not associate the game with the clock at all, although there are several applications in this regard.

Being much more than a watch to play basic games, the LEMFO LEMT 4G could even be considered an Android wrist phone, with a screen above the usual.

LEMFO LEMT 4G - a smartwatch dedicated to gaming

The LEMFO LEMT 4G is therefore 2.86 ″ with a resolution of 480 x 640 pixels. Of course, it also provides physical activity monitoring features. But more than that, it includes GPS, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can also be used with a nano-SIM LTE card.

You can choose a more basic version with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage or another one with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

Being an Android device (version 7.1) you have access to the Google Play Store and can then install games or any other compatible app.

Also noteworthy is a small 5 MP camera. Thus, in addition to photos, it can also be used for video calls. Another detail is related to the fact that it is IP67 certified for water and dust resistance.

Finally, the battery. The LEMFO LEMT 4G has a 2700 mAh battery that, according to the brand, can offer a week of autonomy.

The LEMFO LEMT 4G is available for € 118.99, in a promotion until the end of the year. You can also enjoy other products, without customs fees, until December 31st, such as this small remote controlled airplane WLtoys XK X450 for € 76.49.


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