The change Facebook has forced on WhatsApp is making users unhappy and increasingly willing to leave the platform. The main complaint really comes from sharing data with the social network, something that most do not want.

The alternatives are well known, but there are some obstacles to change. If the supposed lack of contacts has been pointed out, there is still the question of losing the conversations. The latter is simple to resolve, as we will explain below.

WhatsApp export conversations backups files

Export WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp has always allowed users to export their conversation data. In addition to the normal text, it is also possible to of this service all files received, if they are not already being saved on the smartphone.

Actually, it is not a complicated process, but it forces the user to have to repeat it for every conversation he wants to safeguard. The backups exist, are stored in the Cloud, but are not accessible to the user, as they are encrypted.

Simple but repetitive process

Start by opening the conversation you want to keep, doing it directly on WhatsApp. Here, and at the top of the window, you should open the menu you find there (three vertical points). Then choose the More option and then choose Export conversation.

In the next step you will be asked whether or not you want to include the received files. This choice will dictate the size of the exhortation to be carried out. You can continue with the process later, when choosing the way of sharing.

Indicate whether you want files in this backup

You can choose email, Google Drive or whatever, and files will be shared with that destination. Pay attention to the maximum sizes and what this can impact on the number of messages to be removed from WhatsApp.

As we said before, this is then a process to be repeated for each conversation you want to export from WhatsApp. It can be a tedious process, but it is the guarantee that you can remove your conversations and backups from this service that everyone seems to be abandoning.

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