One of the most prominent games in the world of eSports is League of Legends by Riot Games. And that is about to continue, and the 11th Season of League of Legends was officially announced last week.

Also confirmed was the continuation of an important partnership …

League of Legends (LOL) is one of the most prominent games in the universe of online games and eSports. The game, which has appeared in numerous international competitions, has been active for over 10 years and Riot Games wants even more.

And Riot Games recently revealed the first step towards maintaining LOL as a reference title, with the announcement that Season 2021 (the 11th Season of the game) has already started.

Worten and League of Legends united again

However, the news did not end there and in an official statement, Riot Games and Worten revealed the strengthening of their partnership.

Yes, in fact, it was revealed the Worten Game Ring (WGR) is again the main sponsor of the 7th edition of the Portuguese League of League of Legends (LPLOL), giving its name to the biggest League of Legends event in Portugal.

Since 2021 is the 4th year as a partner and the 3rd as the denominator of the event, Worten's gaming brand is back to betting on League of Legends, thus guaranteeing its support for the continued growth of the eSports modality in Portugal. The support of the Worten Game Ring proved to be essential for the development of LPLOL and League of Legends, benefiting the entire community of amateur and professional players.

Additionally, the new look of the league was revealed, which you can see in the video below and the return of the White Dragons, the entry of the E5 and the South Korean reinforcements of the GTZ Bulls were also confirmed. These join EGN, FTW and OFFSET in the dispute for the title of national champion of LOL.

On the renewal of this partnership between WGR and LPLOL, João Cício Carvalho, director of Inygon, says: “We are very happy to have the support of the Worten Game Ring for another edition of LPLOL. Worten has been, in fact, one of the biggest partners not only of LPLOL, but also of Inygon, contributing to a great development of national esports. With this support, we hope to continue with the development and evolution of LPLOL and the national League of Legends!”.

António Fuzeta da Ponte, Brand and Communication Director at Worten, adds: “We are interested in maintaining this partnership with LPLOL in order to promote the growth of esports in our country, but also to continue to provide relevant content to the gamer community that has been actively following us in recent years”.

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