In December, the Government approved a resolution that expands the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) network. However, the introduction of the Knowledge channel in DTT will only happen after the conclusion of the renegotiation of the RTP concession contract and “provided that the necessary financial conditions are met”, according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers released this Tuesday.

“The extension to a program service dedicated to knowledge will only occur after the renegotiation of the public radio and television service concession contract is concluded, under the terms in which it appears, and provided that the necessary financial conditions are met”, read in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 2/2021 on the increase in the offer of program services in DTT mentioned by the Lusa agency.

In addition, the resolution authorizes RTP “to use the capacity reserve” intended for RTP Memória, “in whole or in part of the 24 hours a day, for the dissemination of a program service aimed at children and youth audiences”.

In the ongoing renegotiation of the public service concession contract of RTP “it is foreseen the possibility for the concessionaire to change the program service dedicated to the dissemination of its historical archive” and “if it decides that such program service, in whole or in part , cease to exist as an autonomous service, the concessionaire should start a new program service dedicated to children and youth audiences, which will occupy, in whole or in part, the capacity reserve hitherto attributed to the program service RTP Memória “, he adds.

What is the purpose of the Knowledge channel?

Regarding the Knowledge channel, the resolution stresses that “this program service is intended for scientific dissemination and access to knowledge”, adding that, “with a view to meeting the specific knowledge needs of the various age groups and the most strata of the population disadvantaged, this service should allow creating synergies with schools and universities “.

The Opinion Council of RTP, in its opinion on expanding the offer of public station channels on DTT, dated November, recommended that the provision of two more channels [RTP África e canal do Conhecimento] on that free television platform, it should only happen “with guarantee of the financial imbalance of the public company”.

According to “Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic No. 62/2020, of August 4, and bearing in mind the change in the national television landscape, as well as the increase in the offer of video on demand services and the growing importance of sharing platforms of videos, the Government decided to reevaluate the contest, and, alternatively, decided to extend the offer of digital terrestrial television to two services of the concessionaire of the public television service, namely: RTP Africa and a new program service dedicated to knowledge ” , recalls the diploma.

“The availability of the RTP Africa program service, through digital terrestrial television, makes it possible to reinforce the connection between Portugal and African countries with Portuguese as an official language and to increase the diversification and enrichment of the cultural panorama of our country”, states the Council Resolution of Ministers released today.

This determines “the reservation of capacity in Multiplexer A referred to in paragraph 5 of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 37 -C / 2016, of July 8, necessary for two television program services in definition ‘Standard Definition Television ‘(SDTV), be reassigned, under the principles of universality and national cohesion, to RTP […] in order to allow, within the scope of its public television service activity, to add to the offer of television program services with free non-conditioned access “those two channels.

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