Russian Ice-Pick Lodge studios (responsible for Pathologic) have revealed the development of Know by Heart.

It is a melancholy and emotional game about long-forgotten old memories. Come and see …

The Russians at Ice-Pick Lodge were responsible for Pathologic, a horror RPG, in the middle of a plague that the player will have to survive and that, during the gameplay, will even have to create handmade medicines.

Recently they revealed the launch of Know by Heart, a game with a very different theme, but with an equally different gameplay.

Know by Heart takes place in a city in the Russian countryside, with innumerable insinuations and vestiges of the old Soviet regime. It is a title about meetings. Family reunions and old friendships of youth.

Know by Heart is, above all, a game about remembering the past and accepting losses. The plot created by the Ice-Pick Lodge studios, was designed as a maze in which the player will have to unravel the childhood moments of the protagonist, Misha.

Misha finds himself trapped in a monotonous life and with a job with no future. However, one day, his childhood crush returns to the city. For the first time in many years, Misha hopes to escape her daily routine and monotony.

In this way, Misha reunites with old childhood friends and will revive long-dormant memories. Between killing homesickness and reliving old memories something will happen. Something that is beyond the control of any of the players and even threatens their friendship.

The main curiosity of the game will be the fact that it features several mini-games, which represent the character's memories. That is, during the game, we will visit our character's past and memories.

Know by Heart will arrive on the PC after the first quarter of this year.

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