Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) will undergo changes in the near future! As we have already revealed several times, DTT will receive two new channels and will probably end with the Memory channel. A Knowledge channel will enter after a contract renegotiation with RTP, as well as RTP Africa.

The Government has already published in the Diário da República the Council of Ministers resolution that expands the offer of program services on digital terrestrial television.

DTT: Is it the end of the Memory channel?  Here comes the Knowledge channel

DTT will have RTP Africa channel and a new knowledge program service

After the last changes in DTT because of 5G, changes will now happen at the channel level. It should be remembered that on December 18th, the migration process of the transmitters that make up the DTT that emit in the 700 MHz band came to an end and the spectrum for 5G was thus free.

According to Republic Diary, “the offer of television program services on the digital terrestrial television platform continues to have a residual expression, a situation that needs to be reversed so that it fulfills and maximizes its role of relevant public interest. ”

Thus, the Government decided to extend the offer of digital terrestrial television to two services of the concessionaire of the public television service, namely: RTP Africa and a new program service dedicated to knowledge.

DTT: Is it the end of the Memory channel?  Here comes the Knowledge channel

The availability of the RTP Africa program service through digital terrestrial television allows to reinforce the connection between Portugal and the African Portuguese speaking countries and increase the diversification and enrichment of the cultural panorama of our country.

The extension to a program service dedicated to knowledge will only occur after the renegotiation of the public radio and television service concession contract is concluded, under the terms in which it appears, and provided that the necessary financial conditions are met for this purpose. This program service is intended for scientific dissemination and access to knowledge, reveals the Diário da República.

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