Scheduled obsolescence is a taboo subject for many manufacturers of smartphones, tablets or any other equipment that we may have encountered at home (such as the computer or even television). There are currently companies working to optimize the life of their devices, but others are not very interested in this long life.

Apple has been looking to extend the life of its equipment and users seem to like it!

IPhone image repackaged

Apple France says the iPhone lasts 46 months on average

Apple has always defended its products when it is accused of planned obsolescence. As we have seen, the company guarantees that it maximizes the useful life of all the devices it sells, for your satisfaction, but above all, to preserve the planet.

A recent Senate hearing gave the floor to three representatives from Apple France to talk about the company's environmental initiatives.

Sébastien Gros, responsible for public relations, Clément Lelong responsible for environmental actions and Olivier Knoepffler responsible for customer relations, provided particularly interesting information about the life of iPhones.

According to his statements, Apple seeks to extend the operation of its smartphones as much as possible. Thus, company representatives stated that the iPhone will have an average lifespan of up to 46 months, while Android smartphones have an estimated average of just 23 months.

An impressive difference that reveals a very worrying trend of programmed obsolescence.

One of Apple France's three representatives said:

This 23-month value may apply to our competitors, but not to Apple. In any case, we are talking about the first life and certainly not about the second or third life that comes after reconditioning.

But how does Apple reach this conclusion?

According to Clément Lelong, these values ​​were recovered thanks to several internal studies, but also to external organizations. The head of environmental actions at Apple France explains that the second life of the iPhone (after resale or repackaging) lasts a little more than twice that of a competing smartphone.

So what explains this much longer service life than competing smartphones?

When an iPhone has a problem, or any difficulty with internal components, Apple insists that the user go to Apple Stores (or authorized repairers), which can offer original, high-quality parts.

Once installed, your iPhone will logically last longer than with a bottom. Finally, for the consumer, it is more expensive, but it allows him to prevent his iPhone from having problems again in the following months.

Apple and environmental protection

During the hearing, the three representatives wanted to highlight the image of a company that fights for the protection of the environment and reduces the emission rates of its activities worldwide.

Sébastien Gros said:

Some oppose the environment and digital. On the contrary, we at Apple believe that one cannot work without the other. These two ecosystems go hand in hand.

Digital technology enables considerable advances in environmental issues. Apple is one of the most committed companies in the world to the subject.

It cannot be denied that Apple's commitments to preserve our planet are much more numerous than its competitors like Amazon, Samsung or even Chinese companies like Huawei or Xiaomi.

Apple's website image on the environment

The Californian giant's actions are considerable, for example, we find the use of recycled materials in Apple products, the recovery of useful materials when an iPhone passes through the recycling bin and the use of clean energy for Apple stores, offices and data centers. group.

Proud of its progress, Apple still details all developments in this area in one dedicated page on your website.

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