With the iPhone 12, Apple also introduced iOS 14, an update of this operating system that brought a wide range of news and improvements. Apple developed this version for several months, trying to release a problem-free version.

Even with this attention from Apple, iOS 14 has not been without problems, many focused on loading. With iOS 14.3 they wanted to solve a range of flaws, but apparently new ones appear in the wireless charging of the iPhone.

iOS iPhone Apple wireless charging

iOS 14.3 brings many new features

It was in mid-December that Apple unveiled iOS 14.3. This version focused on bringing a set of important news, such as support for Apple Fitness +, AirPods Max and a set of news for various services and apps already present in this system.

Apple also decided to bring in this version the correction of a range of problems already identified in previous versions and that were accumulating. In particular, it would address a problem with wireless charging, which did not work perfectly.

New problems with wireless charging

From what is known, many of these problems are effectively resolved, even those of wireless charging. The truth is according to reports of many users that have emerged, however, there will be a new problem associated charging the iPhone.

There is no specific standard, but everything points to the problem not being with Apple's MagSafe charger, but with solutions from other brands. These chargers simply stopped working in many cases, without a solution.

iOS iPhone Apple wireless charging

Apple should solve the iPhone problem

Not much is known about this problem yet and Apple has yet to comment on the new issue affecting the iPhone. The company will probably resolve the issue with a new update, thus giving access to wireless charging of devices from other brands.

This is just another problem on the list of the many that have affected iOS 14. Again this version has problems that should be detected before it is made public, which shows that the versions are probably coming out too quickly and without the necessary tests.

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