WhatsApp’s recent policy change has been creating a wave of protests and concerns among users. Those who do not adhere to these new rules will be prevented from using this Facebook service.

This imposition and the rules themselves created an awareness among users and a tendency for change. As a result of this change, the Signal and Telegram installations shot up and even caused problems with new memberships.

Signal Telegram WhatsApp membership downloads

Changes in WhatsApp cause changes

What appeared to be a simple change of rules for using WhatsApp is causing a real revolution. Users understand that they do not want to provide their data to Facebook and the way it is imposed is not being well received.

The alternatives were quickly found, the most logical being Signal and Telegram, which have been present for years. The change has already started and this has caused installation peaks for these apps, both on iOS and Android.

Signal and Telegram grow in downloads

Signal's popularity soared after this service was advised by Tesla's strongman, Elon Musk, on your Twitter account. This ended up causing a subscription, which at the end of the week ended up causing some problems in the new subscriptions to this messaging service.

Regarding numbers, these are very expressive and clearly show the change that is taking place. More than 100,000 users installed Signal from Google and Apple's app stores. In the case of Telegram, the number is much higher, with almost 2.2 million downloads, according to data from Sensor Tower.

Facebook service membership is falling

Of course, this scenario had an opposite effect on WhatsApp. The data reveals that downloads of this app fell 11% in the first seven days of 2021, compared to the previous week. Still, this app has had about 10.5 million downloads globally.

This scenario is expected to continue in the coming days and peak even further when WhatsApp rules are imposed. By being blocked from accessing Facebook's messaging service, users will make the transition natural and even expected.

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