Instagram Stories are a very popular format so the social network wants to facilitate their consumption on the computer. Although they were designed to work better on the smartphone, as they have a vertical format and can only be produced on mobile devices, Stories are also available on the desktop and the social network is currently testing a new layout for the display of Stories on these devices.

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With this change, Stories start to appear on a carousel, so users will be able to preview the Stories that follow the one they are viewing, as well as those that precede it.

Navigation will continue along the same lines, which means that you can continue to click to proceed to the next story or that you can let it play independently, which makes the following stories automatically appear as the previous ones end.

This new design is already available to some users, although it is not known for sure how many. It is also unknown whether this change is permanent. An Instagram spokesman confirmed that tests are being conducted in this regard.

Currently, stories appear in the same way they appear on smartphones. The lack of adaptation to the platform makes the experience less fluid, especially on larger screens. A change will definitely make life easier for anyone who uses Instagram on their computer.

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