The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on other pathologies have significantly altered the annual number of deaths in our country. To have identical numbers the number of deaths in the past year, it is necessary to go back to 1920, the year of the Spanish pandemic.

The year 2020 ended with 123 thousand deaths and a good part was due to COVID-19.

In 2020 there were 123 thousand deaths!  Not so many people died in 100 years ...

eVM: the death surveillance platform

Probably doesn't know the platform eVM (real-time mortality surveillance system that analyzes death certificates). This service essentially serves to allow the articulation of the entities involved in the death certification process and aims at the dematerialization of death certificates, the statistical treatment of causes of death, among other important data. The service shows deaths in real time.

The online tool allows anyone to know some of the causes of death, such as traffic or work accidents, suicides, homicides or natural causes; but the concrete data surrounding the deaths (location, identity, names of doctors who sign the document) are only accessible to doctors in the analysis center of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

Based on eVM data for 1 January, it is possible to ascertain that last year 123,667 people died in Portugal. The daily says that more than half of the total excess mortality is due to COVID-19, reveals Jornal de Notícias.

In 2020 there were 123 thousand deaths!  Not so many people died in 100 years ...

According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), in 1920 144 thousand deaths were registered in Portugal. In 1918, 253 thousand people died in Portugal and in 1919 there were more than 154 thousand.

COVID-19 accounts for about half of the total excess mortality. Analyzing the data since 1960 (when it started to be registered by INE), until 2020 the worst (most recent) year had been 2018, with 113,051 deaths. At the time, the highest number of deaths had been explained by an aging population and a heat wave, reveals the newspaper. Now, it is due to the pandemic but also to the so-called collateral deaths (for lack of timely assistance).

On the first day of 2021, 422 deaths were recorded.

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