When it comes to communications prices in Portugal, opinions are divided. On the one hand, operators who say that the values ​​are in line with what is practiced in Europe and on the other the national communications regulator that indicates that the values ​​are high.

In a note sent to Pplware, ANACOM states that prices in Portugal compare unfavorably with the European Union.

Portugal: In 11 years, the price of the communications bill rose 6.7%

Communications price grows in Portugal and low in Europe

In November 2020, telecommunications prices, measured using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) sub-index, increased 0.12% over the previous month. The change that occurred resulted from the price increase of “triple-play” offers.

In a broader horizon, between the end of 2009 and November 2020, telecommunications prices in Portugal increased by 6.7%, while in the European Union they decreased by 10.6%.

In particular, while telecommunications prices in Portugal increased by 6.7% in this period, in Spain, Italy and France they decreased by 9.4%, 16.9% and 24%, respectively.

In 11 years, communications prices rose 6.7% in Portugal

According to information recently released by EUROSTAT, which compared the price levels of communications in the various EU countries, in 2019 telecommunications prices in Portugal were the eighth highest in the European Union, 21.4% above the average.

In 11 years, communications prices rose 6.7% in Portugal

On the other hand, according to the report on the «Evolution of telecommunications prices», of November 2020, today released by ANACOM, among the services / offers considered, the lowest monthly fees are offered by NOWO in seven cases of services / offers, while MEO and NOS presented the lowest monthly fees for three types of services / offers and Vodafone for one type of service / offer.

It should be noted that NOWO's individualized Internet access offer has the lowest monthly fee (20 euros).

Also according to the document, MEO reduced the minimum monthly fee for four services / offers in relation to the same month of the previous year and increased the monthly fee for four other services / offers, while NOS reduced the minimum monthly fees for three services / offers and increased minimum monthly fees for five services / offers and Vodafone increased the minimum monthly fees by six services / offers.

Some of these variations were related to “Black Friday” promotions. In particular, the monthly fee for the triple play offer of MEO, NOS and Vodafone stands out.

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