Probably at the end of the year, he is not in the mood to make plans for 2021. For better or for worse, we can say that the vast majority of plans for 2020 came out completely aside. However, it is necessary to roll up your sleeves and prepare for the future, especially in a possible context of teleworking.

Technology can help a lot in your plans to improve your quality of life in teleworking and, therefore, we have suggestions.

Improve your quality of life in telework with these gadgets in 2021

Telecommuting …

We know that teleworking will continue to be essential in 2021. If you have been postponing changes at home to create an “office”, this is the ideal time.

ACGAM desk electrical structure

The first suggestion is for an electric table stand. This structure will allow you to adjust the height of the table, and you can even work standing up for part of the time. The switch between sitting and standing is a great way to improve your posture by reducing back pain.

The structure can support a table top (not included) from 60 cm to 80 cm deep and from 105 to 165 cm wide, which is already a very generous area to work. The foot can be adjusted between 70 cm to 115 cm in height, mechanically rising and falling depending on your need throughout the day.

You can buy the ACGAM structure for around € 200, with the discount code GKB202012 (or ACGAMDESK). Shipping is fast and free, made from Europe.


Air purifier Xiaomi Baomi Air Purifier 2nd Gen

Reducing exposure to elements such as air fresheners, smoke from fireplaces or cigarettes and cleaning detergent chemicals is essential to staying healthy, especially if you suffer from any type of allergy. It is here that air purifiers can play a fundamental role, filtering the air and thus reducing the pollutant part and making it more breathable.

Improve your quality of life in telework with these gadgets in 2021

This option belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem is assumed to be quite quiet and compact, being able to be controlled via mobile app and indicated for cleaning areas around 150 cubic meters. Instead of regular HEPA filters, it is equipped with Durahepa filters, capable of retaining even more particles.

The Xiaomi Baomi Air Purifier 2nd Gen air purifier is available for about € 100, with the code BAOMILITE.

Xiaomi Baomi Air Purifier 2nd Gen

Tronsmart T6 Max bluetooth speaker

The Element T6 Max Bluetooth speaker dedicated to the home with a compact design and powerful 60W sound quality with Tronsmart SoundPulse technology. The sound is reproduced at 360º, thanks to the positioning of the integrated speakers. The highlight goes without a doubt to the reproduced bass.

It offers a battery, so it can be placed anywhere, even away from outlets. This battery, according to the brand, has an autonomy for about 20 hours of music playback in a row. In addition to Bluetooth, it includes NFC, ensuring much faster music streaming from your smartphone.

The Tronsmart T6 Max speaker is available for € 62.99, a very competitive price. To achieve this, you only need to use the code NNNTM11.

Tronsmart T6 Max

Percussion Massager

To relax and help your body get more toned, portable massagers are in high demand. This model offers four selectable modes with four different massage accessories, adapted to different parts of the body.

The massager is available for about 33 €, with the code MINIGUN.

Percussion Massager

The cleanings

Deerma DX700S vertical vacuum cleaner

Vertical vacuum cleaners were very fashionable in the 1980s and are now a trend again. There are options for all tastes and portfolios, but one of the advantages, in general, is the way they adapt to the most varied circumstances with different accessories.

The Deerma DX700S has a suction power of 15000 Pa and offers a garbage deposit of 0.8 liters, not being the battery.

The Deerma DX700S vertical vacuum cleaner is available for less than 40 €, with the code DEERMA700.

Deerma DX700S

Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi S9

We selected a product that recently hit the market. This is the new vacuum cleaner robot from the Xiaomi ecosystem, the Viomi S9. This model, in addition to the aspiration of the house, with associated mapping by floors, also provides a charging base. Thus, it automatically unloads the garbage deposit as soon as it is full.

Then there is still cleaning with water. The Viomi S9 has a water tank to which a mop can be attached and, at the same time as it is vacuuming, it can also be launched on the floor.

It is also important to highlight the fact that it has a suction power of 2700 PA, a 250 ml water tank and that the garbage bag, existing in the charging base, can take up to 3 L. In terms of autonomy, the brand promises 3.6 hours of vacuuming, that is, about 320 square meters.

The Viomi S9 vacuum cleaner is available for about € 545, using the code GKB202012 (or VIOMIS9Z).

Viomi S9

For your short trips

And because your quality of life can depend a lot on the way you travel, we added to this list of products a bicycle and an electric scooter. These are two products that can make a difference in the time it takes to travel and in your wallet, leaving your car at home.

Electric bicycle FIIDO D11

The Bicicletal D11 has a 25W motor and reaches a top speed of 25km / hour. Only in this modality, the autonomy can go up to 50 km. When combined with pedals it can go up to 100 km.

It has mechanical disc brakes at the rear, the construction is made of aluminum alloy and its weight is 17.5 kg.

Improve your quality of life in telework with these gadgets in 2021

The FIIDO D11 folding electric bicycle is available for € 788, using the discount code GKB202012. Shipping is fast and free, made from European warehouse.


Electric scooter KUGOO Kirin Mini 2

Finally, the suggestion goes to the KUGOO Kirin Mini 2, a folding electric scooter, suitable for the youngest. It is capable of reaching up to 15 km / h with a 150W motor. At most it can support up to 65 kg.

To withstand travel with some rain, it comes with an IPX4 certificate.

The KUGOO Kirin Mini 2 scooter is available for around € 168, with the code GKB523S. Shipping is made from Spain and has no additional costs.

KUGOO Kirin Mini 2

These and other discounts are available in the big Christmas 2020 promotion. A special discount code is available, for a discount of $ 12 for purchases over $ 200: GKB202012. You can also access various discount codes, discounts on various types of products and shipping from European warehouses.

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