Just like a dog, the smartphone has become in a few years man’s best friend. Everything stays there: emails, passwords, text messages and, of course, personal photos and videos. Just thinking about buying a new smartphone gives you chills, right?

This is where iMobie PhoneTrans comes in, which certainly plans to alleviate that feeling with a new tool that transfers all the data 1: 1 from the old smartphone to the new one. See to believe!

Cloning and transfer: this is PhoneTrans

Above all, we can say that what immediately calls attention in the iMobie PhoneTrans is the fact that this software makes the transfer with all the data, as well as most of the configurations that we have in the old smartphone.

IMobie calls this perfect cloning process and ensures that information will get where it needs to go without loss, without any hassles.

However, it should be clarified at the outset that the procedure only works between the same platforms, that is, the cloning feature is not valid for Android cases for iOS or vice versa.

However, if we transfer from Android to Android, or iOS to iOS this software is The lifesaver. In summary, with just one click we can move:

  • Contacts,
  • Posts,
  • Photos,
  • Music,
  • Videos,
  • and even your wallpapers for the new device.

Basically, one-click cloning is perfect for users who want, for example, to add a tablet with the same account.

For example, if you have an iPhone, then the cloning function can also move that pertinent data to your iPad, making the synergy real.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with or without iCloud / iTunes

Don't know how to transfer data when switching from the old iPhone to the new one? We recommend an attentive reading this guide which in 5 steps teaches everything, being even compatible with the iPhone 12 on how to transfer from iPhone to iPhone, with or without iCloud / iTunes.

Advantages and customization

In fact, it would not be a real tool if there was no flexibility, that is, all of our data can be cloned en masse, or you can select which ones you would like to move to the new devices. Even better, it is possible to do so without wiping existing data from the new phone or tablet.

PhoneTrans, further on data transfer

Certainly, a complete cloning of devices between Android and iOS is not possible, but this does not mean that one cannot make that leap from Apple to Google.

On the other hand, PhoneTrans can help overcome transfer problems. Photos, music, videos, calendars and contacts can all be moved from Android to iOS or vice versa.

Namely, messages and call history are a pair of items that cannot be transferred via Android and iOS. The way in which these large systems handle data is too different to be possible for PhoneTrans to make any transition in this direction at this time.

Second, there is the cloud issue for the Android smartphone. In the event that the user wants to jump from Apple to Google, migrating from iTunes or iCloud would be what is called an impossible mission.

Unexpectedly, PhoneTrans shows how robust and flexible it can be, making it possible to restore or extract our data from iTunes Backup, iTunes Library and even iCloud data and convert to Android smartphones.

Available for Windows and Mac

Undeniably, you wouldn't expect anything else: iMobie PhoneTrans is available for both Windows how to Mac, being conceived in the perception of the common user, which implies a simple and intuitive use.

To be taken into account, the sidebar on the left will be the “beacon” of our use, with the main features available.

So, as soon as someone clicks on any option in the menu, he immediately sees the transfer options that each one has for the user. For those in need, there is an occasional assistant to accompany you through the steps.

PhoneTrans Features

However, there is still a lot we can write about PhoneTrans and, undoubtedly, there is still a long way to go where this software can grow in the future.

We can, however, point out some details about this new version, such as:

  1. Supports data transfer via iPhone, iPad, and more than 20,000 Android phones and tablets from various brands, with auto-conversion of data to a compatible format;
  2. Supports more than 32 iOS / iPadOS versions and more than 12 Android data types;
  3. Even easier to understand and use
  4. Flexible data transfer: 1-click to transfer everything or selectively transfer only selected data;
  5. It will not erase data on the target device (where information is transferred);
  6. Support for transferring applications from iPhone to iPhone;
  7. Supports WhatsApp Android data transfer to iPhone;
  8. The duplicate content will be merged with the same content when transferring data from an iPhone to other devices.

Basically, this software is a very effective set of tools to ensure that any transition is as painless as possible. And the best of all? you can try it for free.


There are, of course, other options available on the market, but with this versatility, the first thing that strikes us, nothing is known.

In addition, with desktop applications for Windows and Mac, PhoneTrans has the power to guarantee, according to iMobie, that our data is always available on all devices. This regardless of whether it is an Android smartphone, iOS, or both.

Definitely worth it. At the very least, it will solve many day-to-day issues for users who received new equipment at Christmas!

iMobie PhoneTrans

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