If at the age of 15 someone had asked you if you were going to make YouTube a profession, Nuno Moura would have answered, no doubt, that no. However, the Portuguese youtuber now has more than 500,000 followers on YouTube channel and ensures that the initial goal of making people laugh is much more than that, not just “10 minutes of clowning”. But, as he tells SAPO TeK, the change was not easy.

It was at the age of 15 that the young Portuguese man created his first channel, totally dedicated to video games, at a time when they had a more important weight in his life. “A person grows and the priorities end up becoming different”, he comments, explaining that the channel was only available for about four years.

And what led youtuber, now 24, to launch a channel? “I was always a person who tried to make others laugh”, he tells SAPO TeK, guaranteeing that he also tried to get along with everyone. It was from here that came the taste for communication and having someone, on the other side, to accompany your videos.

When asked what leads more than 500,000 followers to follow, Nuno Moura makes it clear that numbers are no longer the most important. But, he guarantees, that “there was a time that it made some confusion in my head”, always wanting more followers.

“I believe that from the moment we invest some time in our personal growth, we tend to produce better content and, inevitably, the numbers end up growing”, says Nuno Moura

Much more than making his followers laugh, Nuno Moura guarantees that he now sees another purpose in his work, which since 2016 has allowed him to have a salary, even if “fickle”. Nowadays the young Portuguese man looks at the content he produces in a more related to entertainment, to keep his followers company and to pass on good values.

“With my content I try to make sure that people don’t make the mistakes that I did”

The truth is that this change was not, however, easy. When he started looking for content that was more targeted at young adults, because he also identified himself more with it, not everything went well. “It was two years with less visibility,” he says, noting that many brands that previously worked with youtuber also stopped doing it.

When COVID-19 doesn’t just bring bad things

Despite the pandemic being something that marked the year 2020 in the negative, it also had its positive impact for Nuno Moura, as he had more time to reflect on himself. “Only this year did I discover the direction of what I want to do now”, he guarantees, recognizing, however, negative aspects, such as “the impediment of many other projects”.

What is certain is that there was a project on the YouTube channel that was born due to COVID-19: Comida XXL. As he explains to SAPO TeK, before the pandemic Nuno Moura used to go to restaurants and show his followers the meals he tasted, something that became much more complicated. So he decided to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Spending more time at home, the idea is to present “XXL” size dishes, such as a double cheese bacon with more than 5kg. “I always liked it and I like to venture out into the kitchen more and more,” he explains.

As for future projects, the Portuguese youtuber unveils part of one that is expected to launch in 2021. The bet is related to content about automobiles, something that Nuno Moura has tried to do in the past, but this time, it will be in a more professional way.

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