In the “world” of YouTube for almost two years, and living exclusively on digital since the beginning of 2020, Rita Santos, better known as Ritinha, has about 158,000 followers on your channel. The initial plan for content dedicated to children ended up not being realized, although youtuber still maintains that desire, and SAPO TeK assumes it is not “the typical girl from Instagram and YouTube”. Either way, it guarantees that you are not ashamed to show what your reality is.

Waking up unkempt and still making videos, or assuming you had an argument with your boyfriend is a frequent thing for Rita Santos, who considers that “Portugal has few content creators that show what they really are.” Making it clear that some can having, in fact, an “incredible life”, in your case the 30 year old youtuber shows your reality.

“Almost all Portuguese content creators, whether men or women, make it look like everything is very beautiful”, says youtuber Ritinha

Born in Viseu, Rita Santos considers that she has a “normal life”, with the only different aspect related to her work, which ends up leading to greater exposure. However, not everything is as easy as I previously thought.

“Before I started on YouTube, I had the idea that it was easy,” he says. Still, he clarifies: “we are not going to be hypocrites: it is not a job that is physically difficult, like a civil builder, for example.” What, then, is the biggest requirement for a youtuber? “The difficult thing here is to have creativity and reinvent, ”he explains.

As for positive points, Ritinha highlights the fact that she can work at home and set her own hours.

Now, knowing the “other side”, he says that it is easy for ideas to start running out or there are people who did not like some type of content. And, in a house with youtubers with more years of experience, he says that the pressure to produce more irreverent content is greater, as well as the comparison. “I want to try to accompany them, but it is difficult because they are already at such a high level…”, he says, believing that if he were not living in this context, he would not be “charged so much”.

It was at the beginning of last year that Rita Santos, who worked in a clothing store, said goodbye, being since then completely dedicated to YouTube. And now, more than ever, assume that stress is a more frequent reality.

The dreams that youtuber Ritinha still wants to make come true

Youtuber is now focused on publishing quality videos that your followers really like to follow. However, when she created the YouTube channel, Rita Santos’ idea was totally different.

Having completed a course in socio-cultural action and animation, youtuber guarantees that it is passionate about children, but the income it would have from producing content for the youngest was less. Still, it guarantees that this is a dream that remains.

Ritinha’s YouTube channel

Ritinha in the last video of your YouTube channel

“data-title =” Ritinha’s YouTube channel – #ILikeYouLike: Ritinha, the Portuguese youtuber who is not “the typical Instagram and YouTube girl” – SAPO Tek “> Ritinha's YouTube channel

Ritinha in the last video of your YouTube channel

The first video on the YouTube channel was even content for children. Meanwhile, Rita Santos has placed the video in private, but guarantees that she has never deleted any videos from her account.

“If one day I can, I will make a channel for children because it is something I really like”

Asked about future projects, youtuber guarantees that in the short term you would like to create, for example, a program on YouTube. As for Instagram, it talks about the possibility of making a section that has, where it tells the news “in its own way”, more professional. In the long run, Rita Santos assumes that she was very fond of participating in a television program.

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