Although Christmas Day has passed, the spirit still prevails and, as the time demands, it is about others that we must think more. In fact, when these others are children and are, moreover, locked up in a hospital, we must try to help.

That’s what Hyundai thought, making an electric mini car designed to comfort the youngest hospitalized.

Hyundai 45.

Electric mini car coloring hospitals

Hospitals can be really scary spaces when it comes to where a child lives. In addition, the treatments to which they are subjected may not contribute to adaptation and make the process even more difficult.

With that in mind, South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai designed and donated electric mini cars to a children's hospital in Barcelona. According to the company, this action follows a project called "Little Big e-Motion".

Hyundai 45 electric mini car.

So, the goal is to make traveling from the children's room to the treatment room less stressful, making it more fun. For this, Hyundai has designed an electric and autonomous mini-car that uses an Artificial Intelligence system.

Artificial Intelligence responsible for all the magic

As the company explains, the Artificial Intelligence system installed in the electric mini-car essentially serves to come into contact with the child who will drive it. In fact, the system guarantees an outstanding technological advance.

The mini car reproduces the concept, in small point, of the Hyundai 45 and ensures the safety of children. Therefore, they can drive without hurting themselves at a speed of approximately 6.4 km / h.

In addition, the minicar has a feature called Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) and created in partnership with Media Lab from MIT. In other words, it detects children's emotions, by analyzing their facial expressions, respiratory rate and heart rate.

As Hyundai explains, in a press release, the electric mini-car has an integrated camera that then records children's facial expressions, analyzing them. In addition, it is equipped with a breathing exercise belt that uses air bags to lightly press the children's body, in order to reduce anxiety and stabilize breathing.

Functioning of the Artificial Intelligence system

To make the trip to the treatment room as appealing as possible, the AI ​​system of the electric mini-car alters the lighting, music, fragrance of the car and also releases bubbles driven by mood. In the meantime, adults can track the minicar through an application.

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