Since the beginnings of video games, the genre “shooting to the wall” challenges us to reflect and to anticipate the trajectory of the sphere, fired at colored blocks that must be destroyed. Older players certainly remember the classic Arkanoid or Breakout in which the goal was to destroy the walls, brick by brick, with a ship sliding horizontally to avoid passing the ball into the lower void.

The genre is always appealing and intuitive, but Hyperforma is an evolution from the format to a three-dimensional perspective, maintaining the simplicity and intuition of the genre. The character we control has to hacking the system, the objective being to destroy the black blocks around its core, in order to acquire its unique symbol.

But to access some nuclei, it is necessary to bypass the security systems, here represented by white blocks. And for that it is necessary to look for other codes, inserted in the destructible blocks, that offer abilities, such as detonating the adjacent bricks, for example.

In Hyperforma, instead of controlling a ship like the classics, you control the scene itself freely, dragging your finger across the screen, twirling the 3D structure to ensure that the beam hits the blocks you want, until exposing the core. Then just tap on the “Attack” action to launch the sphere in the direction you want and achieve the goal. It is a simple game to understand, but challenging to master as the levels get more complex.

You can download Hyperforma free in versions Android and iOS.

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