Smart devices are present in many of the moments of our day. The phone, the clock, the lamps, the vacuum cleaner … everything already offers technology that is commonly called smart. For sleep monitoring now comes a smart pillow by the hand of Huawei.

It’s the Huawei Smart Latex Pillow.

Huawei Smart Latex Pillow - The smart pillow that monitors your nights

Huawei officially launched its Huawei Smart Latex Pillow smart cushion. Sleep we know is essential for our well-being and with the new technologies, we sleep less and less, but this technological piece of comfort can help change habits and improve the quality of sleep hours.

Huawei's cushion is made of 93% natural latex, with a resistance capable of adapting quickly to the person's yarn, in order to relieve pressure from the neck and shoulders.

As described, this pillow also has a honeycomb construction that allows ventilation, so as not to overheat. In addition, it has a proven 99% antifungal standard.

But what makes Huawei Smart Latex Pillow “smart”?

Within this structure there is a set of ultra-thin monitoring sensors capable of measuring heart and respiratory rate and sleep cycles. In addition, it evaluates other parameters such as the number of turns the bed takes and the times it takes the head off the pillow.

All of these parameters will allow you to assess sleep quality, with all the information compiled in a complete form in a dedicated mobile application, with daily, semi-annual and monthly reports. Thus, it will be possible to detect which habits may be affecting your quality of sleep and then create strategies to change them.

For now, the pillow can be found only in China, but it will be something that we can soon see available here. Its price is 449 yuan, about 56 €, at the current exchange rate.

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