It seems that the race for fast loading will continue this new year. Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, are some of the biggest names in this area. Huawei is another manufacturer that has been offering innovative charging technologies for a long time and may be preparing to raise the bar.

A 135W Huawei charger has just been certified in China.

Huawei could raise the bar on fast charging to 135W

Xiaomi launched in 2020 the first smartphone with charger above 100W. In particular, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which did not leave China, was launched with a 4500 mAh battery capable of charging at 120W. This means, therefore, that in just 5 minutes it is capable of charging 41% and in 23 minutes it is fully charged.

Charging technologies continue to evolve

Huawei now has the most powerful charging technology in its Mate 40 Pro. The 4400 mAh battery that equips this smartphone can charge at 66W. But in the meantime, already thinking about the next top releases, Huawei could go further.

In China, at the 3C certification agency, a new power adapter capable of charging up to 135W was certified.

Huawei P50… the future

Based on rumors already circulating around the Huawei P50, this charging technology may even be associated with this smartphone. It is known that the P50 should be slightly smaller than the P40, with a 6.6 ″ screen, keeping the ends curved. The rumors also point to a traditional physical speaker and a single camera in the front to pierce the screen.

Rendering of Huawei P50

There are not many more indications regarding Huawei's new top generation. But we will be watching for further developments.

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