It is normal for people to let their children use their smartphones or tablets to play games. Thus, children often have access to a device with internet access and with administrator privileges, sometimes even with access to purchases in app stores. Recently, such a case was reported, where there was a total absence of parental control.

As reported, a child spent more than $ 13,000 on the iPad. But can we prevent these behaviors in the operating system?

Parental Control illustration on iOS games

Recently there was news of a child who spent something like $ 13,000 on his mother’s account on the iPad, playing Sonic Forces. After the refund request, Apple does not assume the problem and refuses to return the money.

Parental control is essential

Upon contacting Apple, the company said it could have taken the loss. However, only if the complaint had been made in a within 60 days after the first purchase. So, there would be nothing he could do.

However, people have the necessary tools at hand. Knowing the operating system is important for managing what children can and cannot do with their iPhone, or iPad.

Image illustrating the parental control required on iOS and iPadOS

Prevent iTunes and App Store purchases

Companies in general have good tools to prevent children from making purchases or using equipment in the wrong way. But parents and educators are often unaware of parental control.

Today we’ll show you how to prevent kids from installing or deleting apps, making integrated purchases, and more.

So, to prevent purchases or downloads from iTunes and the App Store, do the following:

Go to Definitions and tap Screen time. Touch Content and privacy. If asked, enter your code.

Now, within the Content and privacy menu, tap to activate this function.

Then tap ITunes and App Store purchases.

Select a setting and configure it as Do not allow.

Here, you may not allow applications to be installed, or even if they are installed, you may be prohibited from making purchases within those applications.

You can also change the password settings for additional purchases from the Bookstore, iTunes or the App Store. Follow the previous steps and in the ASK FOR PASSWORD option choose between Always ask or Never ask.

So, with a few simple steps you can limit access to either installing applications or making purchases within the applications. Currently, games are free to install, but afterwards they request modules or game options that cost money, such integrated purchases.

These tips and steps are the same on iPadOS.

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