Launched in November, the MacOS 11 Big Sur soon found itself in symbiosis with the MacBook Air equipped with a new M1 processor. This was a significant transition in the Apple personal computer line.

Now, for big events, big software and iBoysoft updates to its version 3.0 of Microsoft NTFS for Mac as well as the treatment of NTFS for Mac. It becomes compatible with MacOS 11 and MacBook Air with M1 engine. This is a real software that we tested, to help management: reading and writing NTFS disks intended for both individuals and professionals.

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft for Mac

THE iBoysoft, is a professional software house that, among several solutions, presents data recovery and disk management solutions for individuals and companies.

This time, the iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0 with much improved integration with MacOS 11 Big Sur. The software enables the ability for MacOS to read and write Microsoft NTFS disks along with native management for Windows files and volumes, especially on Macs with an ARM-based M1 chip.

Reading and writing on native NTFS on MacOS

In fact, we can say that without modifying the MacOS Kernel extension, at its base it does not support direct write access to an NTFS volume previously formatted in Windows.

So, in this case, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0 sets aside other alternative systems and now shares its own self-programmed NTFS file system driver derivation.

Therefore, this customization, carried out by iBoysoft provides better native read-write performance for Windows NTFS drives.

In fact, the brand was capable of such successful programming as it offers secure data transfer and faster writing speed, equivalent to Apple's HFS + or APFS file system.

Main features found:

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft is not only an NTFS driver for Mac, but also a disk management tool that allows:

  • Viewing disc information
  • Access a drive
  • Mount an NTFS drive
  • Unmount an NTFS drive
  • Check a disc
  • Erasing a disc
  • Format a drive for the NTFS system

Finder and Disk Utility have been 100% integrated into MacOS

This time, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0 adds more NTFS writing functionality, thus improving native capabilities.

Therefore, users can have immediate permission within the Finder to:

  • change the name of an NTFS volume,
  • to tag NTFS files, and
  • to use AirdDrop on NTFS files.

On the other hand, files from network drives and cloud storage can be downloaded directly to NTFS volumes without problems.

Even if the new version maintains the Disk Management window as in version 1.8, NTFS or non-NTFS disk management activities can be performed "natively”Using the Disk Utility toolbar without having to go to the Disk Management window.

Undoubtedly, the most notable change is that the Windows NTFS format is now integrated into the Formatting options.

Share NTFS drives between Windows and Mac, without “patches”

Mainly, with iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0, sharing drives in Windows NTFS format between Windows PC and Mac is simple, flawless, secure and super-fast. Your data will be transferred through Windows and MacOS platforms without any corruption and delays.

Support for most HDD and SSD hard drives

However, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0 grants stable and complete read and write privileges to hard drives formatted in NTFS and SSD drives.

In addition, it eliminates the maximum limit of 60,000 files that can be moved in and out of an NTFS volume, making it unlimited.

Simple installation in 3 steps of iBoysoft

Surprisingly, installing this software couldn't be simpler.

  1. Install: Download and install iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0 on your Mac. It is available from MacOS Big Sur 11.1 to MacOS 10.13.
  2. Connect: connect NTFS drives to your Mac. They will automatically be mounted in read-write mode.
  3. Done: You can now write, copy, move, delete, and save files on NTFS drives without any problem.


Namely: it is mandatory software for Mac, in our opinion, of course!

There are other tools on the market, such as the Tuxera or the well-known Paragon, although they may seem cheaper than the iBoysoft unit manager, the truth is that the quality / price ratio is very noticeable: iBoysoft wins.

After being tested, this tool clearly seems to be the best on the market, with an installer 10x smaller than the other solutions. After all, use is simple and fast, accessible to everyone.

Great advantage for the fact that it already comes with full support for MacOS 11 Big Sur as well as the new M1 processors.

Last but not least, we have always been talking about paid software, which allows it to be tested to be aware of the same quality. You can purchase an annual license or a permanent leave.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac version 3.0

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