Spotify has already marked itself in the market with one of the main streaming services on the Internet. This is present in almost all available platforms, from smartphones to the desktop, either in an app or in a browser.

With clients developed and designed to give users the necessary functionality, they are also designed to be simple to use. This truth can be seen in detail with what we present today. See the simple way you can clear your list of songs heard on Spotify.

Spotify clients songs heard clear

Control what's on Spotify

Like any web service, Spotify records all user actions. In addition to serving to draw a user profile, this capacity also allows feeding machines and systems that offer users proposals for new artists to be an ombudsman.

Of course, it also gives access to the entire user history, so that you can quickly access what you have heard in the last few days. Thus, and quickly, we have access to a true musical schedule of what has been played and heard.

Spotify clients songs heard clear

Clear the list of songs heard

As we do not always want to keep that record, Spotify gives us the possibility to make a detailed management of this area. So they can clear and manage the history. Then start by opening the area dedicated to history, in the Recently played area.

In this area they have accessed, they will have the list of songs and albums that they have played in the last days, but that they can easily manipulate and make disappear without a problem. They just need to choose the song they want to remove from the list, to continue the process.

Spotify clients songs heard clear

Used on any desktop client

When hovering over the mouse, options appear, and the menu that is called in the 3 points shown must be opened. There you can find the option Remove from Recentry played, which you must choose to make this Spotify entry disappear.

This is another excellent example of how Spotify and its customers can be simple to use. They give users complete control and ensure that they only have the songs they want and that they choose.

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